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  1. Julia weber

    We get a lot from China and they too make money it’s good really deal we’ll see what the future holds

  2. CharlesFockaert

    English is the business world's lingua franca, not Chinese. The US took second place in this deal. It's the US who manipulates its currency.

  3. Pier-Olivier Dumont

    hahahahha where can we READ THAT SUPER DEAL

  4. johnross101

    Robert Lighthizer. you are awesome thank you President trump for bringing in this guy

  5. crib cat

    OOPs, it's monday now and it looks like the Trade Deal is yet another farce, just like the bank bailouts since last September and the war machine. When will you DemoFux and Republifux learn… the president is in control of nothing.

  6. monty royal

    It's against the law to call them a currency manipulator

  7. multisphere1

    And China comes along to rescue American economy. Will our governments long tongue say thank you ? Or only how great we are ?!

  8. Genevieve

    I'm so happy that the US and China friendship based on mutual respect will be growing stronger.
    Only thing Trump needs to do to live up to his promises now, is to deport the illegal aliens and build an actual wall at our border to keep them out. There need to be extreme punishments for illegal immigrants caught in the United States of America. Maybe forced labor would be good enough to get them to stop coming. Force them to help build the wall… and a good wall… like the one China has (which was also built by forced labor). Also, would be great to provide financial incentives for American citizens to report illegal aliens to authorities that would capture them and send them off to labor camps.

  9. Bob Beckel

    On the question of decoupling. It looks to me like decoupling is possible, because the President is doing it. And, the mechanism is tariffs. The law is inadequate for issues of intellectual property protection. There are ways to protect intellectual property beyond law we have yet to explore. It is up to us to find ways to make our inventions immune to theft. It can be done. It has been done. We are already making weapons that will not work when not in the hands of the rightful owner. Freedom employs wisdom of the people.

  10. Donna E Turner

    Best President EVER.

  11. Ken Rose

    Hey Uncle SCAM… Let's see some proof, evidence, facts, verifiable statistics or otherwise TRUTH of anything said by the US.

  12. shannon washburn

    Another Asset, to the President! Bigtime asset. And, of, course Secretary Mnuchin💚and Lou🍏.

  13. Thuy Tran

    Pelosi ? A old Gosh , Witch …her mouth always open for Impeach ; impeach , impeach !It is shamed for Congress House !

  14. rapunzel eh?

    like the Chinese are going to make a deal with trump… they know he'll only be around for a few more months, then they can deal with adult. trump lies. not the stuff to base a deal on. any deal. with anyone.

  15. Jehovah-Jireh's child

    I rebuke the dragon(china) in the 🙏🏾Mighty Name of Jesus Christ…and God Almighty has taken it out….and I really really thank God. Amen.

  16. Stewart Professional Services

    The signing of Phase One should help Americans. The relationship is now by law permanent with PRC projects underway and encouraged in rhetoric. Business hates chaos.

  17. Andre Williams

    The Democrats were most likely getting paid from China to keep things the way they were

  18. Crazy Ant

    I wonder where all of the people who said….China would never agree or sign a deal????? Where are all of the people who said…China would never bow to a US trade agreement???????

  19. Chewybrand

    The first time China breaks their agreement, slap the crap out of them!

  20. Stephen Stoner

    So anyone want or alowed to ask the woman any reasons for the thought of trade with china

  21. asopo pilosopo

    Communist party of china is the biggest problem and it's Western supporters and must be destroyed if we want peace.

  22. asopo pilosopo

    America must stop trading with her enemy commie china.

  23. Raymond Licon

    Good for the US.

  24. Lee Steven

    CNBC said is not a big deal, tell it to America farmers !

  25. Ken Yup

    Please give China more time on IP issues, China gonna be even better on resolving this issues

  26. Moms MADD

    Havent heard China say everything. Munchkin is a liar. He stole the Sears employees pension plan, Till China says something its a lie, They have lied about this before

  27. 日穿钢板

    U.S is hoping for a second plaza accord (japan deal)… but seems forgetting about China isn't a puppet state like Japan… LOL

  28. Tala Bishop

    Wouldn’t trust them once a cheater always a cheater. They’re communists and communists don’t comply. Signing is one thing but complying is another.

  29. Driver Man

    Trump has two halves of a brain:
    'left' and 'right'.
    In the left side, there's nothing right.
    In the right side, there's nothing left.

  30. Boar Stud

    Once again Trump loses another negotiation, the only problem is they already found somewhere else to get their goods. No huge gains like Dump proclaims, it'll take two decades to get back to where we were in trades!!!!!!!!!

  31. Daniel Green

    So the original tariffs are still in place and no additional tariffs will be placed on the American people. However, the original tariffs amounting to 40 billion per month to the american consumer stands. Good work on reversing absolutely nothing. yeah stable moron and idiot.

  32. uhu248

    Good signals. That is what we want Trump! Freedom for the world!!!

  33. Chatla Suresh

    That document is the China🇨🇳 trade deal like Japan🇯🇵 signed it's digital/agriculture trade deal with USA🇺🇸.
    Abe Shinzo loved the document before he signed the USA🇺🇸Legal Document trade deal.


    the deal wont last a year..lol..

  35. Lucky SOB

    This guy sounds like Bill Clinton. LOL

  36. Tracy Spose

    We the people are always kept in the dark on this crap till it's too late. Then we have to live with the consequences for many years. What's even worsen we have to pay the bills. We are back to the shot heard round the world. We have massive taxation without representation

  37. Tracy Spose

    Trade deals are bad. We need trade policy with a tariff policy to protect American companies.

  38. S500 Triumph


  39. S500 Triumph


  40. patricia papadopoulos

    Trump is a born winer. He will change the world for the better

  41. patricia papadopoulos

    Nancy you won't win

  42. Fnaf girl 52

    subscribeb to Jackie Little on youtube!

  43. Fnaf girl 52

    your a big fat baby

  44. Fnaf girl 52

    yopur a cichen

  45. Fnaf girl 52

    your a frog

  46. Fnaf girl 52

    your fat

  47. imdahG

    With all this winning Trump is doing maybe I can get a paid plane ticket to one of the countries he's doing all this winning for I.E. China / Israel? Just show us what the bad is for American workers and small businesses then we'll know how good a deal it really is? Anytime those clowns say its a good deal for Americans that means its really bad..check me if I'm wrong! smh

  48. Simon Tide

    Lighthizer sounds like epic pro gamer name.

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