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  1. lordmasterization

    Communists and corporations the new dynamic duo. 100 million murdered and still counting.

  2. Margaret Womacque

    Hope the press never asks them anything about America when they all get back from Communist China — focus on balls and forget any SJW causes here in US — hope you like China slot and just stay over there to make all those poor Chinese people happy while the Commies still ok their slaves to watch your sport. Get in a bunch of games esp. for those who are being cut open for their organs, because they did protest their government over any issue !

  3. Clyde Cavalieri

    Is it me or if you put pointy ears on Silver, isn't he a dead ringer for Nosferatu?

  4. Barry Allen

    Is this what it's like to be disrespected by a turtle?

  5. Colin T

    Vancouver – It was not an innocuous tweet. Would Americans like a tweet glorifying the 9/11 attacks ? This is what's on Chinese social media now. Solution – Fire the Houston GM !

  6. ASURAN24

    I support Adam Silver!

  7. Bobby Chen

    Dear White people: Colin Kaepernick

  8. Limmamikegamma60

    By disciplining and probably firing the guy who spoke his mind.

  9. can tho

    WHAT MILLIONS OF OUR FANS WHO ARE UPSET??? You mean the chinese fans in China? Because we AMERICANS support Hong Kong you fucking whore!!

  10. zhmz888

    yeh, freedom to talk about racial issue and gay issue..haha…and change reserve bank ownership..haha…what a joke…there are plenty of political correctness in both america and china…if you cannot cope with it and abide one and disabide another…forget it…

  11. Alex Dombovic

    feels gross to undersell American values, and moreso, tenets of a democratic system, to maintain a foothold in the Chinese market

  12. William Price

    In other words, cash rules everything around me CREAM, get the money, dollar dollar bill, y'all!!!!! 😂

  13. Al Woo

    Kaepernick and Donald Sterling = Hong Kong, American hypocrites

  14. aaagggmmmsss

    Free Charlotte !

  15. aaagggmmmsss

    Free Palestine !

  16. ButterBall 90120

    {{{ Adam Silver}}}

  17. marcelagae

    he speaks with surprising clarity – considering he has Xi's penis in his mouth.

  18. William Wall

    When Silver says he supports freedom of speech he means shut up and dribble. Money grubbing slave master. Leave China or boycott the NBA. Harden is a disappointment, coward

  19. VersionBest

    It's all about the almighty dollar.

  20. Joe Block

    Maybe this guy should run for president.

  21. Global Event世界大事

    Russia has the freedom to interfere with America General Election, why there is even an investigation? hk is part of china, why Americans think they has the freedom to interfere with hk issue? so arrogant! support hk rioters =support terrorist violence! Chinese hate hk rioters as much as Americans hate 911attackers

  22. 夏天

  23. mark spannar

    Boycott the NBA

  24. nathan tran

    that's right, i like silver speech.. no need to apologize we stood firm out principle. freedom to human rights.. wonderful speed adam silver and back up out fella Morey…

  25. nathan tran

    we may lose the $$$ but they also lost the basketball skill from our many superstars.. don't think china dont' wan't to watch they sure hell do cause 400mill viewers say alot that they love american basketball,,, so if they gonna take off NBA business let it be they can't watch our superstars as well.. china using this tactic to attack america econ just like how america ban a lot businesses from china..it's a trade war and tariff. i support Morey, he believe in human rights and there is not need to apologize, he express in his own opinions and freedom of speech… do not let china silent the NBA like the way they silent the chinese. US don't negotiate with terrorist/communist

  26. Jego DeMatigbas

    People here clearly did not listen to what Silver has said and is just commenting like damn bots.

  27. Shiqi Ji

    Speech of freedom is not the point. The point is that what happens in Hongkong is already close to terrorism…

  28. David Wang

    No need to apologize at all. It is our freedom of exercising free speech. The Chinese believe American are the slaves of money so ultimately NBA will apologize because American loves money more than any universal values, such as freedom of speech. If NBA apologize, then the Chinese is right about the American.

  29. Sal Tetro

    In his family they don’t breed for beauty fucking fugly ugly

  30. Sal Tetro

    This guy looks like a fuckin Martian weird space ship in his backyard

  31. fitofito1001

    1, it’s surprising that it is Rockets’ manager who spoke out this issue. Rockets is the most popular team in China and it has the closest relation with them among all nba teams. This guy must have visited China countless of times. You expect anyone but him to do this, right? No, you are wrong. Because he has the chance to closely observe China and to deal with Chinese communist party officers, he knows better than anyone else in nba about China, about how its party brutally suppress freedom. This is why he shows his support to Hong Kong protectors.
    2, don’t be scared by strongly uniformed voice from China. It’s not the truth. Any different voice was deleted, suppressed or simply arrested. Many Chinese are not happy about their government’s stupid overreaction. But you can’t hear them publicly.

  32. AudioGem

    how is a political body having so much influence in a nation that is not theirs. Wake up people, this investment isn't a partnership, it's a hidden evasion. I've said this for decades now and people laugh at you. China has built infrastructures in most of the world, it has undermined local business and trade, it has crippled industries and stop imports of good, all for favour of their own goods because they produce cheaper (due to their disgusting violation of human rights and the lack of respect and humanity they have for their workers). Ever nation has prostituted themselves to the Chinese. They are playing the long game, first they do trade, then they take over infrastructure, then they cripple industries, then they collapse economies due to their debt, then they walk right in and take over the nations and there is not a thing we can do about it by then as they already run and own most of our nation to the point the only they don't control in our nations is our military.

    All because of our leaders are so greedy and have no respect for our people, only for their green god and personal wealth.

    They are selling our liberty, for their beach-side resorts and their children's private education, where as in the future our children will be factory workers when the boot of the Chinese communist come crushing down on our necks as they sweep in and take over.

    Time to WAKE UP ! This is not longer a matter of interest, this is a matter of liberty and national security the world over. Even India is waking up to this and boycotting this brutal regime.

    We wouldn't let ISIS control infrastructure and trade with us, so then why are we trading with one of the biggest terrorist, human rights violating and down right sub-human regimes in the world (they literally and harvest human organs of Chinese Muslim children, all for having a belief that goes against their communist oppression).

    It's time to stop and everyone stand up to this or we are heading for a future we may never be able to avoid or stop when the plan is in motion.

    #Liberty for Hong Kong

  33. JSB Hmm

    Wait! Weren't two people kicked out of a Sixers game for having Free Hong Signs? How ironic… getting kicked out of a game for supporting democracy in a city where the US signed the Declaration of Independence while watching a basketball team named after the US declared independence from England. Shame on the NBA!!

  34. this is green text


  35. G M


  36. Jay Jayson

    Seeing the NBA grovel to China is so pathetic.

    What a joke of a league.

  37. Yu Cheung Lam

    If the same situations happen here in the US,many people would have been shot by police already

  38. Yu Cheung Lam

    Adam Silver is so wrong about "freedom of expressions", those "Freedom fighters " are turning Hong Kong upside down with their actions.
    The rioters-protestors are attacking the police, burning up subways stations and beat-up people that have different opinions….. And you call that "Freedom and Democracy"????

  39. C C

    Cut ties and support freedom. That’s in our blood. The NBA will be just fine without them.

  40. kingjappyjoe420

    His voice was trembling knowing he was walking the fence hard

  41. Square Bidnez

    Oh noo we wove rasketbal hea in shina oh no taky my lewon james and my reff cory and my antonahi ravis oh nooo

  42. Lenoir m.d.

    Does your league support “911 fight for freedom against USA”. Will you stand with these “heroes”? Is that the FREE OF SPEECH to you?

  43. Humphrey Bogart

    If it was the 1930's the NBA would be working with Hitler!!!!!

  44. Hanfei Cao

    There are lines to where freedom of speech ends, you remember Stirling right? The problem is only the US seems to get to take part in drawing that line, and other cultures don’t matter as long as they disagree. So no, it’s not freedom of speech, it’s freedom of speech solely defined by the US.

  45. Victor Freedom

    He has a strange head.

  46. C H

    The international community should send peace keeping force into hk to save lifes. The police is arresting young people without reasons. They may be tortured n kill in the police station. Bodies are found in hk water continuously these days which never happened before. The gov keep claiming no suspicion on these death. It is rediculous. HK is now battle field n ordinary people are under constant threat. I would say HK people will cheer if the US bomb the police stations here.

  47. Zhi Zan

    I am Chinese, and I've been living in the U.S for over 10 years. Here are my opinions.

    Both countries have this "politically correct" or "core interest" thing.

    In U.S, politically correct/core intrest is that you can't offend minorities, LGBT, women, or any disadvantaged group. I am sure if a Chinese businessman said bad things about these disadvantage groups, he has to apologize otherwise his company will be negatively affected.

    In China, politically correct is that you can't challenge the country's sovereignty, especially this is also China's core interest.

    Houston Rocket's manager's tweeter supports Hong Kong rioters who challenge China's sovereignty and even advocates Hong Kong independence. This means he is challenging China's "politically correct" and its core interset. Therefore, China wants him to apologize.

    Yes, there's "freedom of speech" but can Americans discriminate against minorities or support KKK in public without having any trouble? The answer is big NO. I bet Adam Silver will apologize immediately if Rocket manger tweets racism. However, when he violates China's core interest and politically correctness, he refuses to apologize and use this "freedom of speech" to defend himself.

    I am so disappointed that the NBA commissioner (Adam Silver) doesn't understand his biggest oversea customer (20% of NBA revenue from China), and didn't notice China's core interest and politically correctness. I think NBA will lose big oversee revenue b/c his ignorance. This case should be added to the Havard business case study — to teach businessman to understand his customer better.

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