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  1. Bugra Yaman

    We would be much higher but the south east side drags us down in alot of ways. Education rankings, iq, development index, etc. Its the kurds mostly responsible

  2. piyush Kumar

    Well erdogan will take your country backward..wake up turk..save ya country from mosters like im doing in my country rn

  3. asad ansari

    Turkey will become super power once again . AA from Karachi Pk.

  4. exx8eran

    Well, it still lags behind some of its neighbor. My offer to the Turkish people is to abondon their hostile moves against other countries, and to spend more on its citizens.

  5. Deeqo Ali

    Mansha alah

  6. franklin rosevelt

    viva turkey super economy

  7. Shahzad Subay

    i dont know what turkey people think about there president. but my opinion that turkey people are very luck that they have rajib ordogan

  8. Stacha Stochmoll

    Still behind most European and western countries.

  9. Sheeple are Lame

    AI robots can deliver the best healthcare, free of charge to any cxxtry on earth <<< BOT THAT

  10. Towhid ahamed akash

    Erdogan the true leader of Muslim world and Turkey

  11. Bhat Sajid

    May Allah subhana wataallah bless turkey 💜

  12. Haney Abdelrahman

    I really want to know what is genuinely the best country in the world it's definitely not America

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