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  1. Toby Freitas


  2. D Smith

    This is why I bring beats on planes

  3. yeet

    I would have told them to shut the hell up and let me relax in peace and quiet.. oops

  4. Chef Dexter

    Dragging bells Dragging bells, dragging all the way

  5. Trumped Up

    Lol sounds white 💊💉😳

  6. Borgassett

    Fire the United airlines peraon

  7. Chara Gamer


  8. Arcade Games

    Was this before or after they beat up and dragged out the non-white passengers?…

  9. AP 06

    Shorty after they finished they procided to beat and remove someone just for good old times.

  10. thickr than a snickr

    It's probably canada

  11. XGh0sT 7

    Hey inside edition I died put me on interview now

  12. Sultan Grimoire

    That is one of my greatest friends on the mandolin.

  13. no jams here

    Better not be my sisters flight or imma have to stab a ho

  14. [ Snaipor ]

    United Trying To Cover Up The Asian And Breaking A Guys Guitar, Please Add More Stuff United Has Done!!!

  15. Random Channel

    This is the first and last time this Airline is going to do something which doesn't contain blood or an argument.

  16. nai727

    Alright United stop trying to be southwest. 😒

  17. Lil Sokz

    RASTAMAN rocking the guitar, that's whats up!

  18. Anne-Marie Bradburn

    I still don't care they bested a passenger man 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  19. Lee Fisher

    nobody on the plane seems interested or entertained

  20. Minien

    Oh how wonderful!

    Now shut up while I drag y’all down the aisle for the finale.

  21. KRidler I'm famous

    That's hilarious!!!

  22. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    That's nice. But I'd be so annoyed lol
    I'll go home

  23. Shaun's stuff (formally sloth gaming)

    I think they where doing it since for once they didn't overbook and drag some one off so they celebrate

  24. E. Z.

    Afterwards they dragged people who didn't like them off the plane.

  25. Pamela Harrington

    Wish I was on that flight

  26. Pablo

    @pdflo is that you??

  27. Forgetful Merc

    Well at least they'll have soothing background music when they drag a person out.

  28. Telebubbies

    That would annoy me. That seems like economy class. Is this how they force people to buy first class now?

  29. Larena Abdon

    I would kind of be fine with that but I don't know about everyone else

  30. Shadow Claire


  31. Abigail Carroll

    Weird ass Denver International Airport is where you get the NICE United Airlines employees from the good timeline

  32. TheGolfdaily

    We Still remember that Doctor whom you dragged out like a sac of potatoes.

  33. CoolAkramTV

    Sounds about white

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