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  1. khfan4life365

    In Canada, they ration care. They decide how many people can get knee and hip replacements. Why tf would we want that for our healthcare?

  2. Robbie Ness

    Have a public AND private sector for health insurance. Problem solved (as "solved" as any issue as complicated as health insurance can be)!

  3. campmom3

    Medicare for all would end medical innovation and new medicine research, etc. Think of VA hospitals when considering medicare for all. Free market is always better.

  4. raul duke

    Utter nonsense. They said the same thing about social security.

  5. spqr1945

    Yeah, totally correct, millions on canadians, australians and british are begging their governments to implement american system with deductibles and copays. They just have a dream to become bankrupt after a visit to ER.

  6. Country Craftsman

    We can't afford any more socialist programs. The best line i heard was " you think heath care is exspensive now. Wait till its free" the government has no business being in business. Way more things needs to be managed by the privet sector.

  7. Why Not

    Perhaps it won't work in the USA but the healthcare in the Netherlands is great. Never had to wait long and it is affordable for everyone. I am all for a free market but everyone deserves to get medical help in time of need without the fear of 'is this going to bankrupt me'.

  8. Dance4lifeGBR

    I don't think so.
    With Medicare for all you can treat yourself in 'private' hospitals if you want.
    If you have public health the government controls the prices if the health is private the companies (hospitals) controls the prices.. in other words.. same shit.

    I don't like the idea ones die because they have no money to treat himself. Preservation of live is a priority.

  9. Pablo Gonzalez

    Except you don't have a free market you have an oligopoly that's free to price gouge

    The very concept of insurance is pooling the funds of many to pay for the risks of the few…

  10. Lowe Gule

    Say from non American country who have medical care for everyone.

  11. Kevin Burkett

    just go to your local VA hospital and you'll see just how bad it could be if the government takes over healthcare

  12. Gman Plays Games

    It doesn't destroy competition between medical insitutions necessarily, different doctors and hospitals would still have to compete for business. No one should have to risk bankruptcy because they got sick, but we allow prescription drug companies to jack the prices up and the government deliberately limits the number of new doctors that can enter the field annually by only offering a certain amount of certifications. The big company that bought out the patent for Epipens changed nothing about how it was produced or distributed and raised the price from $30 to $300 purely to line their own greedy pockets. Also insurance companiea contribute to higher cost by being fussy over what they will and won't cover, and wether or not a medical facility is "in your network" and contributing to the doctors having to waste time dealing with paperwork and insurance companies instead of treating more people, which also drives up prices. We should have medicare AVAILABLE to everyone, not necessarily force it, so if there is a cheap, public option that is always available and all medical facilities are required to accept it, then private insurers will have to get their shit together and start charging more reasonable rates in order to remain conpetitive.

  13. Fisher Man

    Housing is a right. Americans should be paying my mortgage.

    Not really.

  14. Ed Pietila

    Epstein was suicided by the Clinton consortium.

  15. Fred Ubar

    The Dems where crying about Private Equity killing 10,000 jobs when they bought a struggling ToysRUs but see no issue with over 2,000,000 jobs going away with healthcare moving to Medicare for all… That many jobs lost would put a hurt on this economy like the 2008 crash did and would spiral into even more jobs being lost too

  16. ZETKA

    umm excuse me the US is not the only country providing medical innovations is it

  17. Stupid Storm

    You're 100% correct. As a devout Catholic when Obamacare was instituted I fired our Provider because I will not have 1.00 go towards the murder of children and destruction of women. Been on Obamacare ever since and completely quit paying taxes of all types except Sales.

  18. vin russo

    Taxing the rich would not even come close to paying 30 trillion dollars, and Sweden has huge waiting list and worse quality care. And, what amounts to 8 dollar a gallon gas, and 60% income tax. I lived in Sweden and the US.

  19. The Healer

    There is no benefit from government anything. Shut the gorvernment down and let the economy run itself!!!!!!!!

  20. David Kuczogi

    The more I think this through the more sense it makes

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