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  1. Mikey T

    Just trade him to a contender pls. Smh

  2. MiniMoose

    Come home AP, come home.

  3. somerican pillar

    God Damn that Nigga has a big ass mouth

  4. FootClann 004

    Give the man the carries!!!

    As a Lions Fan, it fucking triggers me that this walking and still capable HOF running back isn't getting any touches

  5. snellsman

    Dumb choice, they blew that big lead. If they ran the ball they could have control the clock

  6. Mr. Dolamite

    Need to be traded to the Texans!! We will use AP!!

  7. Bob Day

    Most players seem oblivious to the concept of 'Team'. Uniformity. Uniforms. Individuality of GROUP.
    MILITARY. OBEDIENCE, PRIDE, Single-Mindedness of GROUP, Comadradery, joy of male group
    success. Sacrifice for group, honor, glory, respect, pride. One for all..etc.

    Belichick's dad worked in football & and at Annapolis. That's who Bill is.
    Many NFL players came from fatherless homes. Bill, by example, is a man, a Father where men learn CHARACTER.
    When Bill wins a SB.. he's saying thanks to his dad for caring. 'I'll bust my ass to make you proud.'

    I was a lowly career enlisted man. Discipline saved me. SAVED MANY.
    Many perished to save majority. That's the USA. Kaep, stop hurting your betters, they won avenues for your grievances. Use them, not the badge, the emblem, the symbol, THE FLAG of those who bled, for those who were willing. .. For FREEDOM.

  8. O'Richinal Thoughts

    Jay Gruden is a bum

  9. Smash 72Cutlass

    It’s all about hitting that hole quickly. Are all you arm chair QBs at practice every day. AP is a HOF back who has taken a ton of punishment over the years. He can still break a tackle here and there even out run some people down the sideline. But he no longer has that initial burst to get to the hole. That’s the problem and it’s seen by all at practice. Father Time catches up to a RB way faster than you and me.

  10. Lyric X

    I'm not even gone lie when my eagles were up against them the first person I thought about was damn we're gonna have to go against AP. How do you not start him? In all honesty you want your back to take less punishment and since he's not the future why not let him get 15 touches at least?

  11. Smash 72Cutlass

    Typical fake news from the start. Mention certain players not happy with AP being a healthy scratch. Same time show a video of Vernon Davis crying. Com on Man Davis got poked in the eye and was exhausted after that long TD. One had nothing to do with the other.

  12. Me First

    sints fans need to stop crying

  13. Uncle JJ

    AP can come to the Lions I would take him

  14. Mel Mitchell

    Gruden is a bum for this

  15. Jayluv

    This was a crazy move, by Jay Gruden, fired his ass

  16. Dominique Fousse

    Youth is great but youth is not always better. So they sit one of the greatest RBs and none of the other guys can hold a candle to what AP has done or can still do. Gruden=🚮 straight💩

  17. The Truth

    AP come to Atlanta that'll be a great move

  18. The Truth

    AP went broke?? wtf is wrong with retards spending habits with no investing smh

  19. 256 bradley

    lol the starting rb had like 18 yards and got injured

  20. ramonmonch

    Notice he criticized Watson more than Rodgers who scored 13

  21. Nail Jones

    My Bears will take Adrian Peterson

  22. Keng Vang

    The Redskins will always be a shit franchise. Bad owner, bad coaching, bad team environment, and will always be 💩.

  23. Ken Walt

    Gruden playing the white card like he did with RGIII😉

  24. Ken Walt

    Gruden is a little punk

  25. Stu Mcd

    Jay needs a slap in the face for that! I've personally lost faith in him after doing this. Clown…

  26. william Gazca

    Deshaun is a warrior man..if I'm an offensive linemen on the Texans how could I go back into that locker room, and stare that man in his face? 🙏 Thank you to the great Wall of Dallas.

  27. M E

    Players will see this and come together soon its all business with nfl players should always take less and shut up yea no more watch

  28. moodmuzik

    Come back to the Cardinal's Adrian!

  29. Lucci Rivera Official Music Page

    This is exactly why I applaud AB for doing that he wanted to do. The NFL does. If y'all aren't going to play him. Just send him to another team then.

  30. basketball is life

    yea right

  31. basketball is life

    lmao i get it brees was good but god damn give the kicker some credit 58 yardsss is normal

  32. Mike Yang

    Come back home AP


    Discussing I was only watching them to see AP.

  34. DTS _

    But where could AP go and get 6-700 yds? Chargers maybe with Gordon holding out, any other ideas? In my opinion he should be the starter in WAS until someone out performs him. Over 1,000 yds last year with a suspect line

  35. Petty Wap

    time to come home peterson,you with dalvin would be superbowl

  36. Petty Wap

    jay gruden is a clown,peterson would have broke one or atleast told the team to calm down when they were choking..and guise got hurt again…smh

  37. j3zhott

    Refs are sucking so bad its starting to feel like WWE.

  38. Jetlifebih

    The only problem is you made him a healthy scratch for a dude who missed the whole season last year and now your again asking ap to do it again after benching him….very disrespectful if anything guice needs to back ap up and slowly take over…dont try to replace a still productive hof for a rookie who is only proven to get hurt

  39. [TOM]Game SUN

    Карма верни Террария обратно плиз

  40. Donavan McDabb

    All in a nigga pockets 🥴🥴

  41. MyNoseisDirty

    It’s really funny cause the redskins really couldn’t run the ball that well

  42. Vaughn Miller

    The Gruden's ain't about 💩.

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