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  1. rich ernest

    Ed Zachary consulted….Ed Zachary tooled the U.S.

  2. arrayant lee

    Well if China said it it must be true. But I'll wait to see what Navarro says.

  3. Bxtx1 Teng

    never thought Fox business joined the rank of "fake news", like WSJ and Bloomberg

  4. Winston Wolf

    ⚠️ Buy gold silver & bitcoin ⚠️

  5. Iron Misstrex

    China finally bending as they now know the U.S. will definitely go to war if needed.

  6. Martin A

    This turned out to be fake news. Trump may do the US and the world a favour by saying "forget it" to China. Why deal with a North Korea that systematically breaks every deal they make.

  7. Willie Baker

    trump created a problem now he's going to declare victory, what a maroon.

  8. Juju Rellama

    Big mistake, 10s of millions of chinese are waiting for this. So they can go on ripping us off. Where are the jobs for the rust belt? Donald, dont forget your promises

  9. Paulo Gouveia

    This is not a fact.

  10. Don Gillis

    Any deal we do with these theives, they will cheat, we will lose. No deal is the best deal for the US.

  11. Greenfield2034

    Trump is a coward. Why did he start this trade war if he couldn't achieve his initial goal? He basically backed down for his re-election.

  12. grayeagle

    What does he mean "investors have to keep investing"? Bull Sht. No, they don't.

  13. lee santos

    Again the Mainstream media was wrong , scaring everyone saying Trump was making a huge mistake !

  14. Andy Lee

    america suffer a lot and finally return the start , without trade war , we China already sign a big deal with America

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