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  1. China Uncensored

    Check out our interview with China econ expert Christopher Balding for more on the reasons behind the trade war!

  2. jomax clux

    328 brainwashed cccp members hated this video.

  3. GamerFromJump

    Mark Esper? What’s his level, do you think?

  4. Duc Hoang

    The US is lucky to have Pres TRUMP as a president who is being tough on the CHINESE BULLY – THE CHINESE DECEIVER …..
    Yes , TRADE WAR is a must for The US to do IN TIME before too late if The US still want to be the GREAT POWER.
    The US should not have let China in WTO before.< Or must change the WTO's regulations >.

    It will be good idea to separate the US ' s economics from China's economics;< or must put up trade protections to China > because China is a kind of parasite to the US, sucking blood from the owner.
    China has been taking advantage of the US to steal, rob, violate trade secrets, AI, inventions, copy rights…. from the US and competing back with much lower killing prices, taking away lot of jobs from The US as well as other countries.
    China is too cunning to deal with. China has been plotting to overturn the US in order to be the NUMBER ONE POWER in the world to CONTROL , DOMINATE THE WORLD.



  5. Dylan Likens


  6. RoboJules

    If you don't support freedom of speech, then leave the west. Hong Kong and Taiwan are countries, and Winnie the pooh can blow me. I can't wait for Trump to collapse the Chinese economy. That's what happens when the most hillariously over-credited nation on Earth tries to enter into a trade war with a self sustaining bohemoth, with the World's most powerful military, who is now a net energy exporter. China is going to lose this war badly – I'm talking an economic collapse that would make the Soviets blush.

  7. M D

    Boykott chinese products. Their government has an agenda. They send their worst products with chemicals and poison on it of course, to their trade partners. Like plastic in rice or toys that are poisonous. If the humans only would buy things of quality instead of cheap price.

  8. Joshua Baron

    2:33 You recycled your espresso martini gag from your other post today. LOL

  9. altrag

    That whole "currency manipulator" thing is so goofy. The US does something that would obviously devalue the Yuan (imposing massive tariffs on Chinese goods,) and then they complain when China "lets" the Yuan get devalued. Seriously.

  10. Argentina3000

    09:27 how could you be SO DISRESPECTFUL OF HUMAN LIVES.

  11. Buysome Bitcoin

    Chris, how can you sound so chipper when the world is spiraling out of control?

  12. Zaeem Chad

    Put a voice filter on yourself your voice is hard to listen to for long

  13. Warrior

    if you don't like China stay out of China, called sticking up for china If you don't like America leave…that's racist OMG I can't believe he said that the country is falling apart we are so divided its all Trump's fault.

  14. Brutali Core

    NZ cucked by muslims & chinese? CONFIRMED.

  15. John Doe

    Lmao what was that video? Pardon my racist ideology but Chinese people always seem so honorable.

  16. Wanderer101

    So the CCP thinks its a good idea to threaten India even though India was very close to declaring war not to long ago…

    Well alright then!

  17. Ashutosh Pandey

    Can China afford to have Trade way in two /many fronts?

  18. Yongbin Song

    China and the US are the very axes of evil. They should be eliminated from the earth.

  19. D Rai

    Good stuff the USA and China trade war! Keep it up! #7sinsofchina

  20. Funny Video

    God bless china destroy all opposition together with ISLAM!

  21. Mia Strong

    Why does China defending itself always sound like a kid covering up one's tracks when accused while knowing that one has done something wrong?

  22. Vipuser Vipuser


  23. Sir Logos

    FACT: Mainland Chinese people can travel to foreign countries, but they actually believe that all the world is actually China (because the future they envision is control of the world) .

  24. Sir Logos

    China doesn't know that it is wrong to kill non-Chinese people. In their immoral minds, the "middle kingdom" is the center of the universe.

  25. Mieu Dien

    i hit like because this video is amuzing :)) esp when you pronounce magnisky act

  26. shadow7142007

    It funny how most of the world dosn't trust the U.S but look at Russia and China

  27. Jamie Butler

    Punishes China for human rights violation. Does nothing to Saudi Arabia or Israel? Stays allies with these barbaric ass people.

  28. kkh pd

    Demonizing China wont help you to get out of the shit of your own creation…

  29. Ak Ras 007

    Good, Businesses should get back to US and not suck up to currency manipulator

  30. C Alex

    If the US government needs my help to monitor the chauvinist activities that Chinese are conducting in the US, I would gladly lend my help. They are NOT my people. The Americans that I befriended who go to the same Protestant church that I go to are MY people.


    It's mojo there after Australia so have no fear keep eyes up!!! Keep Ai batteries COooooooL


    Supplements… Russia will at some point trust us. Relax easy pool fitness and go light on heavy bag combo… Few minutes..and list for diplomatic is long and tedious… For event at this scale. Due Launch which is key for challenger… But note list..


    Don't hit uM!!

  34. danmar007

    Pompeo is a dumb-ass and the president is a double dumb-ass for keeping him. With apologies to Captain Kirk!

  35. Allah Maadarchod

    The name of your channel is funny 😂

  36. Nickolas Brown

    This is the most good news I have ever seen in one of your videos, Chris.

  37. 1stGruhn

    seems fairly obvious that if China is trying to force Huawei onto opposing nations… that they really are capturing data through Huawei.

  38. Joshua B

    your videos are not showing up for me, anyone else getting this problem?

  39. Danila Pakhom

    Lenin wall?

  40. Bʟᴀᴄᴋᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ 88

    >You're not human

    Well both of them are subhuman. Chînky scum.

  41. Rok mare

    The west should start banning Chinese exchange students from entering the country for security reasons.

  42. J C

    Chinese people are nothing but cowards that bullies its own kind

  43. J Ozz

    Your episodes so good that you should be careful of the commies

  44. tony'sMelody TM

    Fucking claowns. You are all herbs, actors. Couldn t stand a day upright in the real world. Fasgs tatalluy

  45. tony'sMelody TM

    Hey fuck yo wars and fuck yo ciauches faggoys. Boith of yous, faggots. Y=The earth is flat, before you amke a and make up, for the faggots you two re. tell the truth.
    Earth is f;at and you two are godless heatjhen and sodomites
    Earth is flat . God exists.

  46. The truth sets you free In deed

    This is a bias channel. Not different from the mainstream media. Always one sided and biased reporting.

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