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  1. Scorpion

    Lots of country’s bypassing US and doing business without them. Why not.

  2. Erick Cisneros

    What has 5g done for you? Lol

  3. Erick Cisneros

    1:46 that face! Lol

  4. Bugatti Boss

    China and Russia seek a whole order where weak countries will not be bombed and invaded because the West says they have WMD even without proof! This is great for world peace!

  5. Paul Meyer

    Some very dumb diplomacy by the US has led to a major confrontation. No longer will there be 'business as usual'.

  6. mawi boy

    No country now trust the U.S. , only saudi and israel ..both ashole

  7. Electrotech Lch

    Trump the biggest idiot. He's making US sucks again..

  8. Lorenzo

    Briefly.. Trump is just an idiot.. China is kicking Trump's butt and loving it..

  9. V S

    Are we seeing the makings of world war III here? Only time will tell

  10. Ronald Chin

    Donald Trump is the biggest fool ever, he forces China into the arms of Russia. Together they will be the Super Power of the world. When will the USA and Europe accept that the world is not theirs, they have dominated the rest of the world for centuries, but this has come to an end. I'm not a communist, i'm an anti communist, but what Donald Trump did, is the biggest mistake that will bring the USA down.

  11. michael young

    as long as the Americunts are screwed.

  12. Dickson Chee

    Bro bro 💪

  13. Andre Thorpe

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend… That is self preservation in life.

  14. GRIZZLY RAMIREZ Rev 2:10

    Ezekiel 38-39

  15. Colonel John Matrix

    It won’t matter, the world combined would crush them both economically. Both the most hated and despised country’s and races in the world.

  16. Jari Lahdenpera

    Thank you CNA for this series. Fresh, real investigative journalism. What ever you pay Anthony, double it.

  17. a z

    wonder if russia one day get betrayed by huawei devices…wouldnt that be crazy? doesnt china do cyberthreft on everyone -russia/usa/etc ?

  18. Wong Chesiu

    I hope russia and china can be friend forever, so the us and its allies cannot do whatever they want in this world

  19. Carolina QUANONNE

    One percent. Dollar monopoly money get of jail free role dice merry go around

  20. Brother Alan


  21. Robert Sim

    Viva China and Russia!

    Peace and progress are what the world wants from threats, bullying, stealing and sanctions

  22. A K

    Beijing to Moscow and everything in between.!! Singapore has yet to Decide.!! Timing matters Not Time..!!~~~0. East will definitely deal with Eastern unsolved mysteries myths of Dynasties related issues.!! Beijing is the capital of the Great Wise Khan.!! KHAN will Decide..!!

  23. mike y

    Ya,,, go buy some more swin flu pork

  24. Isaac Ioane

    Next on CNA insider: U.S and Cuba become BFFs

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