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  1. abar rolugos

    Just think about trading with China… They use business with POLITICS. How can u trust them if in just 1 time a CCP member just banned one of ur product cause someone frok the company posted something that irritated the CCP GODS. FFS they aint worth a spit.

  2. 神州 Shenzhou

    Trump's tariffs won't last forever you know. Eventually, even President Trump will have to step down as US president once his term limits are over, and the next US president might just start reversing Trump's policies and lift the US-China tradewar, thus possibly resulting in future economic boom for China as US-China relations resume their previous pre-tradewar levels.
    Who knows?

  3. Bleach Dome

    We the Chinese delegation choose Wutang clan

  4. J H

    Another US economy crash is on the way. American capitalism never disappoints the world on that one.


    Smart guy with smart answers.

  6. Thadius Sean

    I hope the Americans fully embargo China. Once China and America decouple, there will be nothing holding us back from re-unifying China once and for all.

  7. Jose Motley

    I think the best solution… Americans pull out of doing all business with China. America should do business with Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and the rest of Asia.
    America should just dump Communist China.

  8. cometsan!

    a match made in heaven.

    what's this? romance of three kingdom???

  9. Andre Yamba Yamba

    One side know how to enslave and the other side how to obey. Perfect combination.

  10. d'joy S

    China is known for
    Tech stealing
    Dumping garage in other countries
    Not respecting rule based system
    Never believe in fair trade. Remember every country it trades loses with huge trade imbalance.

    Irony is, china believes them normal, not bad at all. Vierd.

  11. Shiba Inu

    唔好deal佢! No deal! I don't mind going poor again.

  12. Vii bunny

    Its not china's fault that their economic growth and technology are improving, US just need to keep up with education and technology or atleast be more competitive in that mind set, sanctioning here and there wont make the country any better.

  13. Pan- Shot

    This is the first China take I totally agree with

  14. Law Siew Kui

    No deal

  15. Timothy Kwong

    Every nation in the World knows the U.S. can't be trusted in any deal , throughout history they break treaties or desert their so-called allies. Even more so with an untrustworthy leader like Trump.

  16. CVID slogan Trumpiansgotohell

    It is complete fake news…. economy of china and America is completely possible to decouple . Bye bye communism and communists !

  17. Pastor Hass

    Well, it is not only possible, but it is a must. China needs to decouple from the sinking Titanic. Or at least, rip apart the part of the US that China cannot escape trading with, so the rest of America can sink freely to the bottom of the ocean.

  18. Blackmadmonk

    All things being equal, China and the USA would reach an agreement but they're not. What this positive outcome assumption forgets is that Trump is an irrational actor who based his entire foreign policy on maintaining the US economic position in the globe as number one. Having said that, he lacks basic economic and geopolitical knowledge to be able to produce a rational policy approach that would ultimately lead to an agreement. He bases his decisions on rash emotional impulses which are fueled by conspiracy theory mostly published by American right wing media. Having such a disfunctional government at the helm of the US is a perfect opportunity for China and the CCP to assert itself at the top of the economic/geopolitical tower. China has been playing the long game and will continue to do so. It will patiently bide its time at the negotiating table while continuing to grow it's sphere of influence elsewhere in the globe and continue to build a monster of a domestic economy. With a successful domestic economy and export economy to developing regions like Africa, a decoupling of US and China is more than possible. From a US perspective a decoupling is necessary as a strategic move to stunt the growth of the Chinese economy, in order to stop the growing influence of what is considered a communist autocracy with a strong record of human rights abuses. (But the US has caused so many wars and killed so many you say,well China and the CCP is responble for the death of 45 million in the Great Leap forward and then there are all the interventions in Korea and Vietnam, cultural revolution, political prisoners, Tibet, etc… Neither country is innocent but China kills its own.) Realpolitik.

  19. Xi Jinping

    China sells the world its tainted, contaminated food in exchange for our safe food products. Next time you buy canned foods or frozen foods, don't be surprised its from China.

  20. Lar M

    It is possible if all the relatives and families of China high officials most willingly giving up their residence status in the USA.

  21. Deb L

    13th round. LOL. 😅😅😅

  22. Ruodan Xu

    I am a Chinese student at Brown University. When I was in China, I hear a lot of complaints about the trade war and China’s slowing economy, but I didn’t personally feel affected by it. When I came to the United States, however, I immediately felt that some things I wanted to buy, like bottles and souvenirs, were much more expensive compared to previous times when I visited this country, dissuading me from buying them. If many people are like me, I can see how the trade war will damage both American consumers and Chinese producers

  23. rogers owen

    trump used to say America could easily win the trade war against china, but after so many months the US still can't see the victory, or perhaps can never get it.

  24. Global Mask Penguin

    Has anyone doubt Chinese published data is bogus? 5.9% vs 6.1%? Or it’s 1-2% vs 6.1%. That will matter

  25. UNiCoRn PeGaSuS

    Dont expect too much dog muncherz hahah

  26. Susan Ananda

    Just decouple Trump and his Twitter account first!

  27. Ilsunny Lo

    Free $300 billion tax money. The US govt won't stop unless it's getting a BIG deal.

  28. Edgar Edgar

    Decouple at your own peril.

  29. US-Zionist Bomber

    Many dont know, US use Hongkong as our pawns against Chinese… Just take a look at Kurds, when everything not in US' favors we will leave u right away.

  30. 婷婷黄



  31. I Am Troll

    Chinese embargo!

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