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  1. Dan Bro

    Impeachment is such a joke. It is 100% political partisan bullshit.

  2. JHC OverDrive

    Because we all know saying you support freedom of speech is much different when it’s your (Epic’s) game is being the fulcrum of the outrage. I mean, good on Tim Sweeney for the statement and all but his statements have turned out to be straight lies with no intention of truth in the past – I guess what I’m saying is actions speak louder than his worthless words and I don’t think he’s had to back them up as of yet. I’m genuinely curious how cavalier he would be with his language if Epic was in a similar public pickle with the Chinese government.

  3. MrJoliverio

    Just put back the purple suit for JoKer pls 🙏

  4. Leandro Escobar

    Apple has suicide nets..

    Let that sink in.

  5. paddy duffy

    Fuck the Chinese government.

  6. Bigtee Sumlin

    Badass Shirt!

  7. Derek Kirk

    Ughh hate it when they talk about politics!

  8. Han Shot Gaming

    Still love you dudes!

  9. Not the real spider man

    Only cowards rich people sell out to china , shame on you, every should respect their people, not other nations, love from syria 🇸🇾.

  10. DAD chazz swampman

    I actually was almost not let in the theater for having pineapple hair

  11. 王承安

    Would you like to cover that Winnie the pooh is disabled on the disney official website in multiple countries?

  12. E M

    Comic Sans was created less than 30 years ago…..

  13. Blue Hunter

    first of all "Denied to Blitzchung" well.. if he FOLLOWED THE RULES he wouldn't of been banned and this whole blizzard incident wouldn't of started.
    Second, blizzard is giving him his prize money and will revoke the ban over time. Which I think they should not doe. Why cave in to everyone crying about Blitzchung getting banned? He literally broke the streaming rules and spoke about politics on a platform that is not his own and wants nothing to do with politics on their, not his, platform. Blitzchung literally caused all this mess with blizzard, he literally is all to blame for it.

  14. talissa almeida

    Comic Sans was released 24 years ago, but ok.

    Also, I imagine the lettering in The Dark Knight is not like Comic Sans, as not even webcomic writers use that font.

    Not sure if big comic companies still use hand lettering, but I recommend the webcomic Postcards in Braille for some nice hand lettering (and because it is a pretty funny cute comic).

  15. StalinWasBallin

    Free rojava

  16. HubblePie

    Good job, your channel’s probably banned in China now.

  17. Andres C.

    I knew all of those sports fans were commies

  18. nerdydude 1.8

    To be fair comic sans is dyslexia friendly

  19. Blast Beet


  20. Justin

    Hey papyrus I typed up a statement from Rudy Giuliani

  21. joshreaper Rodriguez

    Sooooo what's the big deal but the comic sans? I don't see problem i really don't

  22. N.R. Wilson

    Activision-blizzard is garbage. Stop supporting them.

  23. joshreaper Rodriguez

    And the day I saw the joker movie earlier that day the guy got shot in the head by some other dude near the movie theater it's normal it happens every now and then in Corpus Christi tx

  24. Crazy Bomber

    Elliot you have out done your self with the thumbnail

  25. joshreaper Rodriguez

    That joker movie was over hyped It didn't feel Crazy/insane enough is felt normal it was good though

  26. Jeff M

    Eliot: As a guy who lived in or around Orange almost all his life…

    me: (audible) oh no

  27. beefviper

    But… Comic Sans is only 25 years old.

  28. Terrence Leong

    Exactly how much % of USA is support china and how much is the Trump cut martket ties?

  29. Broncos Fan

    Leto joker came across as a drug addict more than anything.

  30. Nasir Bello

    There’s a small chance that the joker movie isn’t being shown in china..I’m literally going round trying to find one in Shenyang

  31. PabloWan


  32. Bob James

    United States of Cuckolds.

  33. おさかな天国

    How is the Epic Tweet bigger than the Dutch government recognizing Taiwan as a country?! It's like the 3rd or 4th country in the world to even do that, look it up

  34. Cory Kamermans

    When did Jared Leto lose his mind, Was it the lawsuit against his band that dragged on for 4 years, did that send him over the edge?

  35. Media On Display

    . Jared Leto is the ultimate cuda!

  36. Pennyyak Harper

    These companies.. may they fail horribly. No more l'oreal for me.

  37. Baba Banks

    Went to see the joker , my friend called security cause there was a guy sitting by himself with a handbag . Cops came and stayed for the whole movie .

  38. Robert Dougherty

    Comic Sans is the font of Junk Mail.

  39. aznkriss133

    I don't really give a shit about those other companies but Vans is the one I have the most mixed feelings about. I read a few articles and they said their reasoning was to not be political which got me thinking like, would they also take off MAGA entries to that contest too? If so, then should they even be on the list? Either way, it sucks. Not many shoes fit me nice like my Vans. Fuck China. Don't forget they have concentration camps.

  40. Kenny McCormick

    Ricky and Elliot are font Nazis

  41. Charles Adair

    thats not fair. leto had like 5 scenes

  42. Xarc Factor

    So China taking over the world lol

  43. Colin notyou0k

    Don't know about boot's, but thay licking something!🤣

  44. syafiqjabar

    One reason Suicide Squad was so hated was because they promised people Jared Leto's Joker but he was barely in the movie. Even David Ayer regretted it and apologized to fans about it.

    You won't have to worry about Leto cultists sending condoms to WB. They don't have the funding and permission from WB that allowed Leto to do that the last time.

  45. Kaleesh Synth

    We should make Mickey Mouse a Pro-Hong anti Ccp symbol, to put financial pressure on Disney.

  46. StrangeLove

    A social "Safety net" can't be socialized because all those programs are insolvent. The idea that you'd solve a problem by doing that is facetious, medicare and social security are both financially unstable government programs that can't fix their balances without raising the taxpayer threshold of investment. Disabuse yourself of this talking point.

  47. polako

    Love the thumbnail

  48. John Noon

    Everyone needs some tegridy…

  49. GroovyVideo2

    corporations bad –

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