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  1. Percy Roussell

    God bless China and Russia.

  2. patrick brown

    The Chinese own 18 % of the US !

  3. Valentina

    dis is autism

  4. hetchiballi

    Yeah i.wonder about this guy also.
    Just looked at top ten countries gold reserves- China 3.3 thousand tonnes
    -America 10.5 thousand tonnes
    What does that say?
    The Europeans are all ahead of China also.

    When you borrow money from America you pay back double or triple.
    When they borrow from you they pay back some.
    It's a wealth transfer. How is China gonna collect?
    America is 'the house', they win in the end. ALWAYS.
    Maybe they let Obama run wild so they can use him as an excuse not to pay? Their always has to be a story for people to tell themselves.
    Yeah China, Obama really screwed you, it's a shame.

  5. Beijing yank

    "Garrow says the institute also has 168 partnerships with schools in China. He indicated one former school was located in Chongqing, a major city in southwestern China, but said he couldn’t discuss the locations or names of any of his current schools." Something stinks in Denmark.
    21:12 Garrow-“86,000 students. 6284 teachers of English only, and the rest of our 22,000 employees.” The Rundown Live #63: Dr. Jim Garrow
    I have lived in China teaching for over 11 years. I've asked around…Nobody ever heard of this guy.
    $130 million confiscated by the Chinese government…wow…that's a lot of suckers. This guy is a Dr. (diploma mill, unaccredited theology school) this guy is a Christian minister, (my mother was Jewish so I am a member of the Tribe)…This guy has a nasty checkered past. I smell fraud. Where's the tax returns Garrow?

  6. archivesDave

    My prediction:
    Our land and resources may be used as collateral after the implosion to set up a new
    globalized digital currency.
    (Carbon?) Tax Bonds could be part of the mix.

  7. Kurt Israel

    Think about this statement, the German Canadian university skull and bones is already in control of the Republican Party, BAR Association, and local police force of America.

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