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  1. Shorsey

    we nuked japan and haven't had an issue with them since. let's nuke china and just be done with their bullshit.

  2. Noah Clark

    i am tired of that, security. When America can’t compete with some country, the security isuue is coming. Omg, that’s America.

  3. Too many munsters

    State funded human trafficking good

    Tik too bad


  4. Noah Clark

    That will not surprise me, American government is anti China for everything.

  5. Who am I

    Freedom vs Thread
    Hahaha. Which standard do we use. 😂

  6. Ashura

    American don’t have cameras on the street watching civilians. The level of surveillance-in China is on a completely different level than that of America. And why is it that China is allow to block every US social media platform but once America want to do the same thing they are the problem, that’s some hypocritical bullshit.

    I hate the fact that China banned Facebook, Twitter, and instagram. But their app are allow in US market, and if America government try to retaliate they are the problem. Does that really seem fair to you guys.

    Why is it that America companies are Heavily sensor, and face banned in China while Chinese companies are free to do whatever they please in the US. They don’t even have to fight to enter US market, but Us companies have to fight to enter and even turn in technologies. And they use the same technology to run the companies out of business, and replace with a Chinese back company. This is the best norm now a day.

  7. JG

    Everything China is better than US. Ban them. XD

  8. Husin Salim


  9. Red Power.红色的力量

    It seems like China is putting spyware in your food too..

  10. Jay Vee

    We should ban them in the United States just like they banned American Social Media in China.

  11. Bobbi Floss

    US GOVT. be like “ I want a piece of this brainwashing children epidemic “.

  12. I l

    So they don't store the data in China but what about storing it elsewhere and selling facial recognition that might go back to China from some other country

  13. Anonymous User

    I've seen a bunch of Trump Propaganda in tiktok 🤣

  14. dankdreamz

    No business in China can deny requests made by the CCP. Stop trying to reframe the story. If the CCP requests access it is given. That is a national security risk.

  15. Shep dgc.og.soldier

    How can anyone think social media has been a good thing..?

  16. SMASHER 0

    Martha dump truck in the flesh

  17. Truth Hurts

    The Tik Toc policy you agree to when downloading the app gives Tik Toc ownership of everything you put on the app, and gives the app access to everything on your phone.

  18. Alabaster

    How about instead of complaining the US Goverment makes its own popular app, lets call it "KNOCK KNOCK, NSA MOTH€R F@CK€R" ….*whats that…..oh it already exists…..you mean the NSA has been spying on us this whole time??* sh¡t I better delete my history, I LOVE AMERICA, NSA #1 BEST ❤🇺🇸❤

  19. The Tick

    For a country so great and free they sure do have a lot of dark secrets to hide.

  20. CJ Giordano

    I never trusted Tik Tok after finding out it was Chinese!


    Trump 2020 landslide victory.

  22. OMGitsBOOMA

    Wtach out theyll shut it down like they did vine ……security threat my ass fucking panzie ass libtards

  23. Blazing Tiger

    I’ve been telling people your tick tok app is tracking you and saving facial data.

  24. The Proud Asshole MGTOW

    TikTok is Pooh owned aww fuck that shit

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