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  1. Edward Reyez

    Too late.. US really dont care about philippimes.. they just used us..

  2. Lucicer Lanfe

    What international law does USA abide by.

  3. Omar Silva

    Ahahahahaha….yes China do as we tell you not as we pretend to do lol😄

  4. narren khapungn

    Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, all are very foolish countries, these are waiting war in South China Sea but these countries don't know nothing, because America never war with China in South China Sea.

  5. you tube

    US will start the WAR on China vs Philippines, and that's the End of the Philippines.

  6. james bald

    Ang dutertards, ipinagtatanggol na naman nila yung poon nilang si san xi jingpin.doon nalang kayo sa china tumira para masaya na kayo.

  7. Allan Manabat

    (song lyrics) “More than words is all you have to do to make it real …” If a member country does not play according to the rules of the organization, then this should also have consequences for the offender for the protection of the other countries to which damage is done.

  8. Jay Tee

    Why is US so concern about this matter especially they are so far away from the region. Let all asia's resolved this issue by themselves instead of (US) interfering asia's matter.

  9. brownie joker

    America is an idiotic country, cannot mind it's own fucking business!

  10. brownie joker

    Too late! US go to Eukraine there are lots of pussies there

  11. Big Mouth

    China…. that is ours. Please, give us a break!

  12. John Paul G. Atrero

    I hope china won't take an action like sinking down one of the us warships into the ocean , Because if china did it might lead into war and I'm scared if that happen's , our country is to weak to get into that kind of war , Heck but if that happens I will just migrate to ice land and leave peacefully.

  13. Juan Makabayan

    Does the US respect International Laws and Norms as much as China?

  14. Toroy Sherwin

    Mabuti pa ang us may pagpapahalaga sa likas yaman ng bansa.smantalang ang pinuno natin .chikyawa ka d8gung

  15. Mentong 8ty

    It will not be smart to turn the blind eye on China. China has a grand plan. They are moving towards accomplishing their goals thru various means.

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