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  1. tipoomaster

    Stop me if you've heard this one before

  2. Cassidy S

    CN US relation starts calming a bit and Pence decide to set fire to the oil pot once again.

  3. dementeduncle

    Bovine Excrement by any other name.

  4. No offense but

    Doesn't sound good

  5. Alan Ye

    Can’t be trusted

  6. Guo Yunze

    Can we still believe a man who make up authority to prove his words? I'm highly doubt him.

  7. Harry Chu

    Navarro is an idiot who has been an impediment to a trade deal from the start. Trump needs to make changes.

  8. Rougé Moonchild

    U mean the same dude that made up names in his books… ill pass dude …. i dont trust Navarro

  9. jacq danieles

    Pump & dump. Dump the chump.

  10. Alfred Degiorgio

    What did the storming of a House Committee meeting by Trump’s whores achieve? Absolutely nothing! The day’s meeting proceeded after the whores retreated and the Impeachment Inquiry will proceed as planned. Trump enabled/praised the stunt because it gives him leverage over his whores. They have committed an illegal and violent act recorded on local and international TV and Trump will require them to up the ante until the Inquiry is “lynched”. Call in the KKK?

  11. Tim Dog

    WOW, that’s new!

    Ha ha ha

  12. Alexandre Santos

    A whole lot of nothing



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