Use Qigong and Tai Chi to improve balance – Part 1 of 5

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One of the initial benefits of students practicing Qigong or Taiji is the improvement of balance. Both young and old can greatly improve their balance through the practice of these ancient art. One of the first topics we discussed in the course was the five basic principles of balance. These ones

  The five principles are as follows:

Vertical line

  2. Arrangement of the legs

  3. The arrangement of the waist

  4. Relative cooperation of limbs

  5. Only move non-substantial

These five principals apply not only to our qigong and tai chi form, but also to how we should spend our daily lives. The first principle is our "vertical line." Our top center is matched with the sky above, and the center between the legs is matched with the earth below. In the case of cooperation between these two opposites, our Spain is still long and healthy. Although this is a simple concept, this principle can have a direct and substantial impact on your body balance.

Bai Hui and Hui Yin are the acupoints at the very end [top and bottom] of this "vertical line". In our Tai Chi and Qigong courses, we refer to Baihui Point as the “head center” and Hui Wei as “the center between the legs”. When Huiyin looks for the earth below, and while Baihui rises above the sky, our spines are long and healthy. As our spine lengthens and our vertebrae relax, we reduce the chances of disease and injury in our spine due to stress and tension.

When we walk through our daily lives, we always feel that Huixian seeks the earth, and Baihui rises to the sky, so that our Spain can maintain a healthy and comfortable position for a long time. In this position, we are able to release any tension that is present in the spine and prevent any new tensions from being caught there.

In addition, this line should always be vertical. To maintain balance, we never want to tilt the spine forward, backwards or left or right. Tilting the spine can stress individual vertebrae and negatively affect other parts of the body. You can see how this applies to the frequently used prompt "Use your legs instead of the back lift". When you lift your legs, your Spain stays straight. If you bend forward to pick up something, the vertical line has been broken. Your spine is tilted and in a position that is very easy to get injured due to lifting. Therefore, always keep the vertical lines inside as you move around in your daily life. In my next article, I will explain the details of the second principle: the arrangement of the legs.

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