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  1. Monsieur Klein

    Highly better and creative than the Nasty Boyz, listen to the awesome "My Kingdom" by Future Sound of London (also including a voice sample of this beautiful track).

  2. Ryanntho Araujo

    O tempo descortinado através das notas musicais em seu viajar sonoro mágico.

  3. multi millionaire

    THIS VIBRATION..is played by the gods

  4. Caliggiasound80

    Fridge – Paradise (1998)

  5. gNightrow

    please sell this to Pegboard Nerds in order for them to use it in their remix !!

  6. Lucia Sepulveda


  7. irene nicolas macanas

    Veryyy Good Sooong!!

  8. TubeOzaurus

    "Toate comorile ascunse și nevăzute ale acestui univers" se găsesc în Isus Hristos, nu într-o femeie. Fiicele lui Eva nu sunt "drumul spre desăvârșirea sufletului"… ele au cam fost și, mai ales acum, sunt mijlocul folosit de satana pentru căderea bărbatului. "Ochiul minții"… "iluminările"… sugestii ezoterice "ca o șoaptă" din partea lui satan pentru toți cei ce nu cunosc adevărul dezvăluit de Dumnezeu în Biblie și pot fi educați astfel cu toate mentalitățile eretice ale acestor vremuri din urmă în care cei mai mulți vor fi pierduți, din păcate. În pământ va veți întoarce, așa cum a spus Creatorul, nu în femeie. În femeie vi se întoarce doar mintea înfierbântată, acum, în epoca 'porno'. Treziți-vă! Nu mai "puneți botul" la astfel de minciuni idolatre care se încheie cu o imagine mai puțin iconică, care își dă marama pe față: o femelă în blugi, cu o țigară în mână…
    Femei ale epocii răzvrătirii, nu fiți ce vă învață lumea! Învățați de la Dumnezeu ce trebuie sa fiți!

  9. Malani Embers

    This sounds like my soul .
    Questo suona come la mia alma.
    Esto suena como mi alma .


    bullshyt- rahat cu apa rece- bullshyt-rahat cu apa rece ……. ce dracu indrugi acolo ma…. omule mic?

  11. Bere está aquí


  12. Claudio Pineda


  13. Music First

    This was the most amazing soundtrack ever produced. I don't say that lightly, because I've listened to all the great ones.
    Simply a freak of music genius.

  14. Flaviu Luca

    :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) bullshyt

  15. Antoine R.

    Nasty Boyz


  16. الاعلامي احمد الفريداوي

    veary good and nice

  17. Sergio Efigenio

    Sicilano? o Priziette per dire.

  18. erzsebet horvath


  19. iNDREI Ro

    Romanian… nice

  20. mrbentaiga339

    Te transporta a otro mundo, gran obra musical. Gracias

  21. tsigouni2


  22. Rü Weedekind

    Beautifull of peace :-*

  23. Guillermo Emir


  24. Jota Paschoal

    One of the best soundtracks ever composed!!!!

  25. Ernie Yu En


  26. Madeleinespiritlove

    Beautiful. <3

  27. StereoPhonic

    51 rachels have the same birthdate and came along here^^

  28. carl vincent Ure

    imagino en una noche a mitad de la carretera solo ,un cielo despejado lleno de estrellas y la luna iluminando el paisaje y se me presente el fantasma de una mujer bella……..haaaaaaa

  29. Josef Lundgren

    I SWEAR this song WILL be played at the funeral of my dog ;..(

  30. 89792131121607920 math is cool

    What? This is madness!!! This is Vangelis!!!

  31. Sxnz

    Was just a joke my friend. Fear not, the kingdom of Heaven is you already – how many lifetimes it will take?

  32. 89792131121607920 math is cool

    Where did you hear this?

  33. johnyboytown

    oh you poor philistine.
    this is the most moving tune from that mix, and in it's own right. the sound vangellis produced from his yamaha cs80 made chariots of fire and bladerunner what they are, classics, the same analogue synth sounds used in dance music, vangellis would disapprove of your musical hatetred.

  34. Carlo Marcello


  35. Lana13

    is perfect, thats all!

  36. vanja besevic

    skyrim…a beautiful tale i still playing for a last 8 months…..neverneding world of miracles,stories and mystery…..

  37. Rachel Doherty

    Well than Mr.Ncripzx.. The jokes on you! This was all a plan! I Rachel is really a man! Who I stole from an orphanage as a baby and gave him a sex change! I've raised him a woman waiting for this day.. I can tell the future and saw this coming… I knew what you were doing to innocent people. I made sure that Rachel got genetically engineered AIDS!.. and that you would steal here and rape her.. I'm sorry sir but.. YOU HAVE AIDS. Now your evil sick mind will never put anybody through this again.

  38. Sxnz

    RachLuvsParamore's Mum. I am sorry but, your daughter is not dead…yet. I have her held hostage in my basement where she gives me and boys a good time when we need some… lets just say…. a bit of backdoor action.

  39. Rachel Doherty

    You're right. Oh god why did you have to take my baby! she was so young! Too young…. Far too young. Rest in peace Rachel, May your soul shine love all through the world in death as it did in life.

  40. Sxnz

    Listen RachLuvsParamore's Mother, your daughter has gone, stop pretending to be her on her youtube account and just learn to let the ones you love go. Just let her go

  41. Rachel Doherty


  42. Sxnz

    R.I.P – Just for everyones info Vangelis passed away on the 9th of February this year, and that means so did RachLuvsParamore. So RIP both of you x

  43. Ierlandlover

    I Sing this song on my skool.
    I was nerveus to do that.
    but it was great to sing it

  44. DarkSamael55

    sounds like Skyrim

  45. Erik

    too bad this song didn't make it in the 'bladerunner' movie, but I guess this only adds to the mystique of it. Who says synth music can't have a soul (yeah : just like the androids in the movie..) ? Just perfect. Just perfect.

  46. ToroMonsu

    Define harmony:.. listen

  47. jambosanaupna

    An echo from deep within a beautiful soul

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