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  1. GreenEyed Lady

    #WeVapeWeVote 🇺🇸

  2. Phillip S

    It annoys me how they go after a LEGAL product like vaping, but completely ignore an ILLEGAL product like marijuana. Doesn't matter if States "legalized" it, it violates federal law and the supremacy clause

  3. tjcandler13

    Comedy is right. Takes 30 seconds on the internet to know what is hurting people, and kids. Please stop insulting our intelligence by saying it's for anything other than political gain. REAL people that vote and pay taxes are losing their livelihoods by your actions.

  4. not haber

    Keep your dirty greedy lying hands off my vapes you disgusting excuses for humans.

  5. j sanner

    Vaping got me off the cigarettes after 35 yrs of smoking, 10 yrs cigarette free and quit with flavored Eliquid (sour apple) I’m 58 yrs old, and I tried everything out there to quit smoking, finally found a flavor I could stick with, and haven’t looked back. I do enjoy different flavors now and again, wouldn’t you get tired of vanilla ice cream, if that’s all there was ? I can finally breath, taste my food, and no more snoring. It took a heart surgeon to introduce me to vaping (heart attack 2012)

  6. Canadianvape09_tcl

    I quit smoking using nicotine vaping products

  7. RBmkii

    Its like they're all earning $100.00 each time they say epidemic. This has been a total failure of legislation from the start, funny how England can get it right & not have a youth usage issue. Adults should be able to use a proven safer option of nicotine delivery than combustible tobacco with youth not being able to access it, it's that easy.

  8. William Huang

    As a former smoker and now a healthy 9 year Vaper I can tell you throughout the 9 years of me vaping I have never felt any better than I am ever since I started vaping. While working in a Vape Boutique as well, I have never seen a single underage teen or kid come in to our store. Our store strictly sells Vaporizers and we have every possible sign to Alert and Make people Aware that in my store you need to have an ID ready and must be 21yrs old and over on hand before you walk in to even ask questions regarding vape sales, before we as an employee can begin answering questions and making a sale. All of our products are Strictly Quality Controlled before we receive shipments. We as employees also strongly educate the public on a daily basis. We get many forms of adults coming in with questions, be it non-smoking adults, parents, elderlies, school teachers and so on. We get quite a few Concerned mother's coming in to seek the real truth about vaping and the answer lies in the hands of strictly vape shop owners and Vapers alike. We strongly inform the public that the way many teens get their electronic cigarettes or disposable electronic cigarettes ( do not get that confused with Vaporizers, they are 2 totally different devices) are as such; smoke shops that have no regulations on the products they sell, certain online websites that don't require ID or have very little Enforcement, such as Amazon and eBay, which surprisingly both these websites used to carry a bunch of electronic cigarettes/disposable ones and of course last, but not least, underground homemade popup shops and trucks making private sales without ID. All of which where teens are able to buy without getting caught. I've notice most teens like menthol much more than anything when buying at a smoke shop. All in all we as adult Vapers will do what we can to fight for our rights giving us an opportunity to a better and healthier life.

    I got one question for everyone, why is it that in the United Kingdom, Vaping is now rated #1 as a proven cessation alternative while classifying it as a healthcare product ?

    Think about how behind United States is with our Studies and yet the answers are right in front of every American and they choose to deny the facts solely, because they're protecting the revenue of Big Tobacco.

  9. Gergely Kiss

    What a farce! These committee members should be prosecuted for malicious intent. That's just a BS situation these people were put in to… one micron… Woodsmoke from forest fires has more toxins than a nicotine vaping device. These people should be fired.

  10. RiskyEndeavor

    Crisis? Adults saving their lives from the harmful effects of smoking is a crisis? The only crisis I see is a lack of good parenting and how our politicians think it's their place to substitute good parenting with written law. Drain the swamp of these misinformed, lying, overreaching power hungry communists. Vaping saves adult lives, and adults are the ONLY chance our kids have of a better future.

  11. Sir Ramathorn

    Dear politicians. NEWSFLASH! If you want to attack something that’s heavily influencing teens and young people try focusing on what is more addictive than nicotine…SUGAR!!!!! You all really show your true colors trying to focus on a misinformation, biased “studies”, and your own fear mongering when it comes to nicotine vaping. I as a constituent would appreciate getting ALL your facts straight before condemning what you don’t understand fully. I’d also implore you to take a gander across the Atlantic and look at the research your European colleagues have already done. As a former smoker and current e-cigarette user (I quit smoking after 15 years thanks all to e-cigarettes), I hate for you to blindly make rash decisions that could effect the health and freedom of choice of millions of adult former smokers who used e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool.

  12. George E

    Wow, not one actual FACT stated in this meeting. How about the data that shows 77% of teens started vaping because of CURIOSITY OR FAMILY MEMBER. Flavors were a distant 3rd reason! Or how about the data that shows 84% of teens DONT VAPE REGULARLY, you’re throwing numbers out like 5 million kids are vaping and THAT IS A LIE. I know because I actually looked at the data and not some media outlets INTERPRETATION OR OPINION! Science, data, facts. NO MORE OPINIONS IM SICK OF IT!!!!

  13. Erika Verhagen

    Not anyone of the legislators with the exemption of 1 fully understands flavored Eliquid in open tank systems have a very high success rate with adults quitting deadly cigarettes. I do not understand how any of you can try to take our adult rights away without any true knowledge of the product. We have rights as adults to choose a safer alternative to combustible tobacco. Many studies have proven that vaping is far less harmful than combustible tobacco. There is NO tobacco in vaping flavored Eliquid . Please listen to your Colleague in regards to flavored vapor products, he is the only one who has done his research . Youth were vaping closed pod systems such as JUUL which is BIG TOBACCO, the vape industry is not BIG TOBACCO . They do not make millions nor do they promote their product to the youth. It’s designed and promoted to people who want to get off of cigarettes . Leave our open system tanks and flavors alone. Closed pod systems were banned. Enough is enough. You cannot take away our adult rights . We do not live in a communist country . If flavored Eliquid is banned, you will be held accountable for the worlds largest BLACK MARKET – only this time the BM will be flavored Eliquids and not illegal THC which is what caused the illnesses in the first place . How about some common sense regulations such as adult liquor stores -21 and older .

  14. Chris Boisvert-Cotulio

    Vaping is twice as effective as pharmaceutical NRT products to help smokers quit according to studies. Vaping saves lives. The acute lung illness outbreak is known to be caused by illicit adulterated THC products… so what's the problem?? Vaping saves lives and you're killing them by fear mongering and scaring smokers away from a 95% less harmful alternative according to the Royal College of Physicians all in the name of MSA tobacco money. You people disgust me!!! #WeVapeWeVote

  15. Jason Mosley

    We are living in a communist country the government wants to rule our rights. If they don’t like it you can’t have or do it

  16. Ken Van Horn

    This should be about PUBLIC harm reduction. Not just the youth. Smoking has killed millions, if not billions, of lives. Yet the most successful answer keeps getting demonized, while cigarettes go virtually unscathed.
    Smoking rates are seeing the steepest decline EVER. Why do you think that is? Truth is, you already know. That’s why you fight so hard against it.

  17. Sherwin Mena

    The level of ignorance from the committee is astonishing. Political grandstanding will do nothing other than get yourselves removed from office come election time. The concept of harm reduction does not seem to resonate at all, and only prohibition policies are want you encourage.

  18. Evil Bastage

    The impact vaping has had on public health is that it has dramatically improved it. Exponentially less harmful, and the most effective method of smoking cessation available.

  19. Ricky !!!!!

    If they dont do something about the pmta the black market will flourish because ppl arent going back to cigarettes WE WILL CONTINUE TO VAPE, and we'll make it ourselves, or go to the black market I will never smoke cigarettes again, I will make it myself if need be, vaping is 95% safer then combustible cigarettes according to college of royal physicians

  20. ThatFataLGuy

    Just what we need, a body of government regulating that which it does not know. Based purely on knee jerk reactions. Term limits please. It's time for you lifetime politicians to actually get a job.

  21. Tom Lewis

    I'm 78 years old, and I vape flavors. STOP leaving us adults out of the conversation!! Our live matter too!

  22. She Dvl

    Caffiene and nicotine(outside a combuatible cigarette) are both classified as secondary stimulants. She quoted studies portraying nicotine as some awful harmful substance yet there are studies showing nicotine is no more dangerous than a cup of coffee. Officials likes to quote biased studies funded by grps with the goal to focus and amplify anything adverse instead of focusing on any positives. E-cigs are a harm reduction product, they contain less toxins than a combustible cigarette..hence the term. Plenty of FDA approved medications that can produce far worse harmful effects(including deaths) than legal regulated lab tested flavored nicotine e-liquids. If all studies focused on negatives there would not be 1 approved medication on the market.

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