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  1. cookieoggie

    Pls come back we miss you!!! :'(

  2. Jollystr

    9:00 goosebump attack

  3. Bruno van Simon

    youtube tá pior que rádio. mais comercial que rádio… que raiva

  4. T - Nugget

    Hey man, I'm working on a project similar in scope to this playlist, and would be really interested in contacting you and asking you some quick questions! If you got back with me that would be amazing!

  5. ViRrOorR

    why is this so old I need more updtaed stuff

  6. Craig Sloat

    sadly this channel feels deserted =[ I listen to these daily and I'd love you to continue!

  7. robert sammy


  8. Claudia Williams

    this reminds me of my child hood

  9. R F H O

    I'm happy that you started with the best game that has ever existed.

    It is my opinion.

  10. Thaufer og

    Plz come back I want more

  11. Thaufer og

    Bruh this music hits in the feels I love Zelda can someone just holla at me on discord and let’s chill together

  12. Iassen Zahariev

    more sadness and undertale

  13. Honethite

    We are the Division ! Such a great game.

  14. Supernova gamer

    Y no undertale?

  15. Redzeths

    When you come back, can you please add this and number 24 to the existing playlist for video game music for studying?

  16. 심심한_페퍼_게임 채널

    DooM heavy metal is best for studying, rip and tear your homeworks. Ahhh, pencil sharpner, the great communicator!

  17. Abigail Price

    Made it much more dramatic when I got a math problem wrong😂

  18. Aries Miles

    HEY! What are you doing here in the comments? get back to whatever needs to be focused on!

  19. Kaizo

    And I thought only Nintendo made good songs!

  20. DAB of Beats

    My video game music is better.

  21. LaMario

    Mom: get off youtube and study.
    Me: But I am.

  22. Itz Ulric

    I'm making beats off these… Coming soon

  23. Matt Turner

    does anyone have the setlist for the 4th track… its the only one to be removed

  24. Timothy Gardner

    Please include tracks from Hollow Knight. The original soundtrack is phenomenal.

  25. Joseph Marturana

    Kids! Stop playing video games and get back to your studying!

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