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  1. Jon Weaver

    Is there a sign to let people know you're about to cross into China?


    He said … we eating rat brains and pig guts..

  3. santosh sapkota

    Hey 👋 Harald , it is dangerous to enter into unknown river .

  4. thoker7

    Not on Facebook! Interesting

  5. Toan Duong

    The road is about to be paved.

  6. Kenneth Huff

    Think I would carry a little extra petro in a can strapped to my bike.

  7. danthedewman1

    bleached hair…really

  8. Mark Wilson

    Good man Harold, that guy inviting you too lunch. Was definitely an offer you couldn't refuse. Awesome country side, keep up the great work….✌

  9. amin adhikari

    which camera you use?

  10. Ed K

    That’s pretty cool to meet a stranger and get invited to eat with him and he paid for it. That’s awesome people there.


    Luscious locks🤣🤣🤘

  12. Zenbeach Traveler

    id love to have tea with this albino.

  13. Wilson Basumatary

    “Ga mwn” means “tomorrow” in my language

  14. fun comedy

    mouse meat man

  15. Orlando Medina

    Look at that hair

  16. Việt Nam Synthesis TV

    It was great that he came to my country. Are you guys happy about that. Come to my trip Thanks for watching the video

  17. Ho Thai

    Is this second time you come back VN to make this video?

  18. Tony V

    That's a pretty nice hotel you rented in China, how much did you paid in us dollars?

  19. Elmer Pancho

    All natural, unscriptedand that's adventure. Keep it up. Skol!

  20. Akash1 Yadav

    You’re 🦸‍♀️ a hero

  21. Work eps magaar

    Urs smile verry well nd loking handsome

  22. Punisher Bee

    You know what's my favorite word that you use? It's the at you BY-MONOPOLY

  23. BurmeseGuyTV

    Doesn't your gopro overheat from filming it throughout?

  24. stealth fighter

    somebody watched you here swimming, the spy satelite from china wahhahhahh 26:00 good that china didnt grab this border bridge of Vietnam Lol

  25. stealth fighter

    and youre insane too driving this border with china what the hell why you were here and swim with full of industrial and human wastes from china? ahhahhahh wtf swim here Lol

  26. Pat Suriya

    You're close to Dien Bein Phu. Good place to study VN

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