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  1. Luke Sky

    The part with the two shooting pool is quite accurate as how China is with everything…

  2. Liz Jamaicana

    Amazed at how fit they are.

  3. Velin Caroline Huang

    Woaw those Grandpa Stronger than Me!!! 😨😨😨

  4. Dirk Diggler

    Mean While Im Winnie Xi Pooh's Hong Kong!!

  5. Dirk Diggler

    long live Winnie Xi Pooh!!

  6. Anonymous

    When you see eld r Chinese doing weird excersices. Its so they can live to 100

  7. Silent Traveller

    1:14 so, grandpas attract young people to exercise, then? It is great.

  8. Silent Traveller

    Grandpa is grand, pal.

  9. Farhan Labib

    Welp, I was gonna do a joke, but I'm too early.

  10. DeViL QuEeN

    Chinese people are so amazing

  11. Catabelle Purrson

    You are the lastest person to read this

  12. 唐栋


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