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  1. CartoonMan!

    While I agree that the ACA will be expensive, stop worrying about the debt. There is no crisis. It's a fallacy that you learned from the politicians to keep you scared. The US debt is largely fiction. For more on this, research Warren Mossler, Michael Norman and Dr. David Graeber!

  2. Terrence Nashlund

    Dumb ass.

  3. psovegeta

    It is a fact that social security, medicare and medicaid are broken. They suffer from mismanagement of the money by those who allocated the funds and abused by recipients who used the system but never paid into it when they were able. Obamacare has never been tested, it costs way too much to implement and sorry to say but historically, the trend for welfare programs indicate that they only work short term and then break down.

  4. mat d

    You are compering $600 billion dollers over 10 years with $116 billion dollers paid to the soldiers for one year.
    The real cost of health care bill in this video is $60 billion a year compered with $116 billion dollers paid to the soldiers.

  5. Dicax

    New ideas? Don't get sick?

  6. kenektik

    This discussion is ridiculous until you look at the criminally low taxes the federal government thinks it can realistically collect while maintaining the current semblance of programs.

  7. ohedd

    @Cfaves The only things we do better than the americans is that the costs of our federal institutions aren't as high. It's practically impossible to sue a doctor for maltreatment so there is no insurance and lawyer costs. We don't have your bureaucracy and corporatism either, which helps. You don't want to limit your freedom like we did, you just need to get rid of your god damn government intervention and the bureaucracy and you'll be more prosperous than any other country! Vote Dr Paul

  8. ohedd

    @Cfaves There are all sorts of social securities for sick people, unemployed, immigrants, you name it, and it's all paid for through tax. Due to value added tax on everything from services to products, housing is scarce and expensive, minimum wage is $2,400 so unemployment is very high due to the high hiring costs. Our labour market is incredibly static as it's illegal for employers to fire people.

  9. ohedd

    @Cfaves It's not about being rich or poor. It's about your costly corporatism, and that's where America is behind the rest of the world. When costs go up unnecessarily, the solution is never to cover those costs (especially not through loans and inflated money) – it's to reduce them. I'm a Swedish citizen and I have experience of heavy government intervention, like gas prices at $7,3 a gallon. My dad pays 45% tax as he earns more than $75,000 a year.

  10. Christian Favier

    @ohedd And you'd need to be drunk to think that getting underpriviledge people the help they need by taking a small amount of money from the rich is a bad thing also.
    Things aren't free, and as much as you'd like to think America is the best country on earth, we're very behind in relation to the world, and because of the debt of the past, there is no money to spend in the present (Must be borrowed). Do you suggest we wait while other countries advance while we try to balance our checkbooks?

  11. ohedd

    @Cfaves You don't need to be sober to see that 10 trillion dollar added to the deficit is a bad thing. This video is not a lesson in politics, unless you're six and need learn how to read big numbers.

  12. Christian Favier

    Yeah, I'm going to learn my politics from a guy who spends his afternoons stacking pennies with a beer in hand.

  13. aSheeple

    @LancePoint9 and the real news network

  14. aSheeple

    @hitlerscow it will save money compared to what were doing now. the program will cost less than our current system.

  15. aSheeple

    @LancePoint9 the problem is that that would show that the rich have the lowest tax levels in a century yet the economy is in the dumps. to it would hurt his argument that lower taxes on the rich would help the economy. that video isnt going to be made.

  16. aSheeple

    @adiostraitorobama this is a counterproductive statement, because the same statement could be made about you, and there's no way to back up either claim. talk about something substantive, dont be a part of the problem.

  17. aSheeple

    @JunkMan16 saying its my media is obviously stupid. and assuming im neolib is also stupid. comments like yours are the problem. being decisive and attacking my character and my understanding of the subject rather that actually making an argument. thats why we cant solve these problems. there are many possible actions that can be taken. I posted a valid critique. this money WILL be spent either directly paying insurance companies or through taxes. he shouldn't have implied otherwise.

  18. John Hofer

    @aSheeple Doing nothing is not anyone's option. There are lots of ideas on the table that the left never sees because the (YOUR) media never shows you ant of them.

  19. aSheeple

    doing nothing will cost us something too, its extremely deceptive to say that the alternative is to spend nothing. were going to spend this money on healthcare either way. the difference is just how the money moves around and how the system works. and let me remind you that the current system is exploding in cost so we need to make changes to how it works. also, medicare and medicaid is becoming more expensive because it covers more people now than it used to, not because its wasting money.

  20. suspicious35

    @SammyClammy Even while invading two countries Bush Presidency raised are debt by 3 trillion if Obama is reelected and his budget estimates are correct his 8 year presidency will cost 10 trillion dollars

  21. SammyClammy

    @tigerman4 Obama is driving the price of gas higher and starting wars? Now that's a bad thing all of the sudden? When GW did it nobody was allowed to question his judgement without being called a traitor

  22. SammyClammy

    So you are comparing the ten year cost of the health reform plan to the amount you paid soldiers last year….what the fuck is the point of that, and of then randomly filling up the table with pennies? This is completely lame, you appear to be fool and should take this video down and find some hobby that suits your abilities.

  23. NoobSoldier2006

    @tigerman4 USA will go into Lybia no matter who is the president. That's what USA is to the world. Everyone calls USA for help when they need a gun. What USA needs to do to help itself from being destroy by war cost is actually taking something from those countries that it helps (oil, natural resources, raw materials…etc…). But of course, USA wouldn't do that since it would totally destroy its image of being a prince on a white horse saving little princess.USA can't afford to help everyone.

  24. tigerman4

    @VoteCliffHutchison , and now from Obama , the man who said " I WILL bring the troops back home with in 6 months of taking office ," remember that promise ??? , is starting a new war in Lybia , and driving the price of gas around the country even higher , with a new war , 3 fronts ( Afghanistan , Iraq and now Lybia ) his big plan to fix skyrocketing gas prices is to sell off our Oil Reserves that we keep incase of WAR ! and other issues , BRILLIANT ! …….. NOT !!!!

  25. Hitler's Cow

    @12salem lol….yes, offering handouts will save money

  26. Ellis Spates

    thats alot of pennies

  27. Pbever

    @Nickmorama Haha, play CoD some more.

  28. Nick

    The truth is USA can spend whatever money they want, because its the most powerfull country in the world and can conquer all other nations.

  29. June Baker

    @sbank That is super crazy. Again you don't know me. How do you know I don't use the free internet at the Library? I volunteer tons of time and contribute to help for certain childhood cancer causes. Why don't you take your money you use for internet? The countless hours I put into volunteering for childhood cancer would make your head spin. I do way more than the average person. So please go yell at someone else who does nothing:)

  30. sbank

    @NowThePeople It has nothing to do with how much you have donated/have not donated.

    The point is, these kids need your money because they can't afford the treatments. Since you are obviously paying for an internet connection, and spend the time to post here, why don't you instead take that money and donate it to these kids!? Instead of wasting your time posting here, why don't you work and then donate that money to these kids!?

    Or is it only okay if it's other people's money?

  31. June Baker

    @sbank How do you know what I donate or don"t donate every year? You don't know me.

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