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  1. zpyang

    lol the trading for stickers didnt know people did that

  2. Lee Oughton

    mah dude!!! The plural of octpus is octopodes

  3. LisaMarie

    Emmy, I have always loved you but this video? My love for you tripled … you made that sweet girl's day. Not sure how old you are .. figure you are close to my son's age maybe older. He just turned 29. Thank you for being an awesome woman. I love your bee keeping. I was raised on a farm with a 2 acre garden. It's fabulous to see you enjoying older recipes. Thank you for being you!!

  4. SeiichirouUta

    There is only one Pegasos. So no plural. 🙂

  5. Kit M

    love the sticker book! I still have tons of my stickers from growing up 🙂

  6. Jess Hull

    I can't get enough of it-ness

  7. Cherub200298

    I used to be the same! Sticker collections but not never stick them anywhere! 😀

  8. Gabb Ch

    Ramen noddles cooking starts at 8:35

  9. Joe Watanabe

    Very informative video. I would try this if I saw it in the local grocery store.

  10. B G

    1:50 why am i watching this. bye

  11. ProgHead777

    "Octopuses" is the correct plural because even though the word has its origins in Greek, it is now also a word in English and therefore pluralized with the addition of "s" or, in this case, "es". But if you insist on using the proper Greek plural, then it would be "octopodes", pronounced oc-TOP-o-deez. However, due to common usage, "octopi" is considered acceptable for informal writing/speaking. I'll stick with "octopuses", myself. SOURCE: https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/the-many-plurals-of-octopus-octopi-octopuses-octopodes

  12. Erica Purr

    Has Emmy had a perfect life?

  13. Queen B

    Emmy make a hot pot meal plz! I wanna try one so bad

  14. Nikki K

    OMG, the closed captioning actually said "Itadakimasu!" this time!
    Now I don't know if I like that. #eattheduckymoss
    EDIT: the second itadakimasu said "eat the ducky mozz". I'm ok now.

  15. Terrance Williams

    Hello Emmy! I know you have bees at your home. I recently bought some honey from a nearby neighbor. The mason jar it came in was not sealed. This worried me a little bit cause of safety concerns. Is natural honey supposed to be vacuum sealed?

  16. Lena Black

    I want to know what she thinks of shirataki noodles.

  17. Yves LaRue

    Ugh…I so wanted this to taste almost the same as the Korean ones but blahhh! Damn you MSG!!! =/

  18. Lady Aphelion

    Luckily, Ramen is one of the most customizable meals ever! Especially made at home. You can do so much with it, so if an instant one isn't quite hitting the spot, just add some fresh ingredients and viola!, better noodles! I may have to check these out!

  19. Just Winks


  20. XxSarah RoheelXx

    Omg who remembers when she used an android self phone as her camera luv u emmy

  21. Glass Pez

    I love the stickers! I still have my collection from when I was a kid and I'm still adding to it.

  22. Espe Dixon

    here for the sticker book 🌈🦄🐶🍬🐼

  23. Ally Laskey

    Emmy going through her sticker book is ASMR

  24. The ManHammerAR15

    What does she say right before she eats it?

  25. Matt McCaffrey

    Emmy – have you ever made pickles before? It's surprisingly easy to do. I suggest using distilled white vinegar over cider vinegar though. Make a brine – half water, half vinegar, dill, your choice of spices, a little turmeric, a lot of salt – and bring to boil. Pour over the cucumbers (sliced spears) inside the jars. Put the lid on tight. When it cools down – carefully transfer to fridge. Wait at least two days. Wa – laa! Thanks for all your awesome videos – I Love your videos.

  26. Bhan

    Hi Emmy !! Can you try the fruit that cashews grow from??

  27. Mochi Marvel Its MarvEl Bruh

    I love how humble, sweet and straight forward she is😊

  28. It’s Just Me

    Emmy!! Are we the same age? Based on your sticker collection we may be close in age. I really thought you were about 10 years younger then me.

  29. Freaktiful Whispers

    Let's hope it's NOT like soilent green! D:

  30. The99210

    Your such a kind women by being a role model to that little kid.

  31. Linda Lol

    You really do your research!:) Thanks for all your vids!

  32. Anwar Abdullah

    There is only one Pegasus, so I think there is no plural for it?

  33. Hannah Epperson

    Emmy they make non fried ramen in Korea now!

  34. Josue Andree Ramirez Hernandez

    Many people in other type of channels would be bothered by the YouTube taking a detour in the subject to talk for almost 5 minutes about something not relevant to the video subject, but that intro was everything ! We love to know more about you and those stickers took me waaayyy back to when I had the oily kind. Never change Emmy 💕

  35. Shontelle Hackett

    I love and collect unicorns!

  36. MissFoxification

    You're so wholesome Emmy!

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