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  1. Bellum

    Civvie when are you going to play Painkiller you nerd

  2. Bolastwo

    why in the fuck isnt there a 3duke32 source port for this game.
    Nblood and Eduke32 are a thing, where is "Swang" or something like that?

  3. V2die4com

    yo will you be doing Hawaian expansion for Duke?

  4. 24-7 annihilation

    I don’t really understand civvie’s hate for sewer levels that much, the one type of level I hate in every game with one exception that comes to mind is the escape from a burning building level, which they are usually always trial and error and nearly always timed as well, that exception is the library in postal 2 because it isn’t timed, you can spend as long as you want in there.

  5. PhantomSmith8000

    Also could we also do Pro Outlaws??

  6. PhantomSmith8000

    Just like Hiroshima

  7. The Good Rogue


    Abortion clinic in Shrapnel City kind of counts, soo…

  8. Matt Steyn

    Another great fucking video, Was wondering if you were going to cover these expansions at some point. I played them when SW Redux came out on steam and they are alright, more of the same really but enjoyable. Will you be covering Unreal Gold at some point? Really interested to see your take on the game. it's my all-time favourite.

    Your videos get me through the week man, they really do. Keep up the fantastic work.

  9. Bridge Troll

    Me. I remember Gamespy.

  10. QuintusCunctator

    Can we take a moment to appreciate Civvie modifying the voxel model files to fix a source port bug?

    And while we're here, can we take an additional moment to appreciate that Ken Silverman, the creator of the build engine, in 2011 made available slab6, the voxel model files editor, on his website for everyone to enjoy?

    Thanks, guys!

  11. Yuuki Terumi

    Hey CVEleven
    Dont forget about Dark Salvation

  12. Victor Herrera

    Hung Lo

  13. Kencho Bencho

    Hey, anyone else finding the sound of railgun extremely familiar? 5:57
    In my mind I narrowed it down to Total Anihilation game. Like it's from there.

  14. Tempest Ararat

    u all guys will be wanged xDDDDD

  15. Hungrypiemonger

    how about some Cyclones? c'mon its a great crappy game of olden times!

  16. mccraft22

    This audio can sucky my long wei.

  17. satinsguard

    "Who remembers GameSpy?"
    Shh. If you listen closely, you can hear the eerie silence of long-dead gaming servers.

  18. ghostboy1225

    "there's always one more ninja hiding in the darkness so let's make em glow." new favorite civvie quote

  19. TheYellowman2000

    i played through this whole game and didnt realize they had mines, i was wondering why i would just randomly take damage.

  20. The dark souls guy

    Another great and amazing video civvie like always keep it up and don't stop👍

  21. Pixel Pusher

    I absolutely love your channel and videos Civ. I notice a distinct lack of one thing though….Please do Painkiller.

  22. Iván Riskin

    I can't tell what is exactly what i don't like in Shadow Warrior 🙁
    I love Duke Nukem, Blood, Quake but SW has… something i can't play it.
    But i love your video Civvie, thanks <3

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