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  1. Michael DeSilvio

    The Chinese have a bunch of cheap plastic weapons that break the first time they use them. The Chinese killed off most of their women. They're all gay now. 30 million Chinese still live in caves. The Chinese eat stir fry dogs and cats. The Chinese make an average of ten cents an hour. Unfortunately the communist Chinese government has infiltrated Google and YouTube.

  2. Eleanor Palitsch


  3. T Ko

    What would be the GOAL to be reached from fighting a war with a nuclear armed state wit the biggest land army in the world and a RAPIDLY modernizing high tech army at that. Invade China? A joke of course. Destroy China? Well, they can easily do the same to the US. In fact they own so much of US debt, if they are really pushed they will snap the US economy in half at a snap of the finger.

  4. Adam Bordelon

    Where is the bucket of chicken?

  5. Money Made


  6. Robert Bowersock

    God Bless America!!!

  7. STUDIO BENCIVENGA Marcus Bencivenga

    Chinese communism is an insult for 70 years against god and the people !

  8. Chase McBrien

    There isn't going to be a war with China. Stop scaring the public. The US would get the short end of the stick. Our modern day soldiers can't handle blood and guts. China would eat up the
    US soldiers in the trenches like ants on a legless grasshopper.

  9. Michael Patterson

    Hey trump what happened to our deal on trade today, trump you’ve been bent over, by a little China man ! Trade wars are easy to win !😃😃☹️

  10. Django Schultz

    The " leaks " you speak of are the US government putting out rumours so when Wall Street & the US collapse due to its excessive largesse, they can point the finger. America will never take responsibility for ANYTHING. 3 types of actors Politics, MEDIA and at the bottom Hollywood

  11. Mark S

    Guess you were missing in action today



  13. Sean Perrings

    I am not from the US but why do you think Donald Trump has had the foresight to beef up your military.
    NATO will also be drawn into the fight, trump has been pushing them to beef up their military spending.
    You have some smart people with your President, the long game for sure

  14. Ken Knotts

    Screw China.

  15. Logue Raps

    So what you’re saying is, Hunter Biden is in China..?

  16. Logue Raps

    I’ll never understand why people are so goddamn stupid.

  17. Raccoon Residence

    Sell your debt to other countries, puts your national security at risk. Who the hell allowed that to happen?

  18. Max

    He did make China sale port of Long Beach shipping doc yesterday

  19. Kyle Mason

    That's some stoner vocal Frye

  20. Mike Palmer

    Canada has the open skies thing I think. Which is also concerning.

  21. Mark Stankiewicz

    Turns out china might be the global mafia, that we are all beholding to…..in the last two weeks an Australian police station though it was a good idea to raise the red flag next to our national flag to show solidarity for the local Chinese community……..stupid why the hell do you think they came to our country idiots.

  22. Blake Mccloud

    Fuxk the Chicoms!!!
    The only good commie is a dead commie!!!

  23. Mark Gitschel

    NO ! ! ! CUT THE HYPE !

  24. Marilyn Nelson

    War with Iran 🇮🇷

  25. tim crary

    Trump is taking back long beach deep water base from China!

  26. Jay Morgan

    The united states has a networth of $120 trillion dollars so I don't understand why you think this entire world only has $51 trillion still a lot of money though!

  27. Sooze

    What do you do …? sell your home or take your money out of the bank?

  28. Troy Thomas

    Sorry Glenn but you are already wrong only 2 days later Trump announced trade agreement with China.

  29. WALTER


  30. Chris Austin

    Boycott China

  31. Bear134

    China’s rose was the biggest scams on earth. Chinese are obsessed to become world power, while knowing very well that no body will except them as world leader. Because they are stealing snakes, manipulating all the countries in the world. They have been stealing all the technology from the west so they can screw the west later. No country should deal with China or Chinese people. Chinese are poison on earth. Chinese have already started the world war3 by building artificial islands in the open international Ocean.

  32. The Mythbuster

    TRUMP started a Trade War and he is only preparing for it now. Great President.

  33. Zach Oswaldo

    Beck always trying freak everyone out

  34. The Mythbuster

    Is American dumb or simply brainwashed? Hong Kong is not administrate or run by China today. It is administered under a 1 nation 2 system agreement.
    So all these finger pointing is an indication of pure ignorance.
    I proposed China should pursue a more active role in the future promoting and protecting interference into US affairs e.g. Hawaii Independence movement, Occupy Wallstreet riot, etc etc.
    Supporting the destructive Revolutionary Black Guards in Hong Kong inappropriate tagged as Pro-democracy in Hong Kong. In USA or Israel, they will be shot dead like in L.A. riot where 63 were shot dead and 274 seriously injured. 😁😁😁

    China ambassador to UK says that China was neither informed or aware of this bill – Refugee Offense Ordinance until the protest happened.
    DPP Taiwan requested for his extradition but later withdraw it due to fear of being blamed.
    Instead the detractors and Western News Media redirected it towards China.

    China can wait and do not requires any extradition bill.
    By 2047 under the agreement, Hong Kong will be directly ruled or answerable to China until now – The 50 year grace period.

    The real reason behind it is USA using Hong Kong to exert pressure on China. Their tools included PSYCHOMETRICS. The culprits are former Hedge Funds Managers who suffered tremendous lost due to China intervention during the Asian Financial Crisis. Although George Soros was only mentioned but his gangs were well hidden.

    One of the stealth character is Robert Mercer.
    Apart from being a Hedgefund Manager, he is also a computer engineer. He bought over Breitbart News for USD10 million and turned it into a PROPAGANDA NEWS MEDIA that generates FAKE NEWS and LIES esp. about the Democrats and China. Robert Mercer placed all his pawns around TRUMP e.g. Steve Bannon, John Bolton, Robert Lighthizer, Peter Navaroo, etc. to push his sinophobia agenda.

    When Hong Kong falls, they will make a HUGE REAPING as Hong Kong has accumulated a huge reserve thru' stock exchange, currency and properties.
    But it will be all in vain as China with intervene using its huge foreign reserve and will be the sole beneficiary of their economic crimes.
    Two ways to look at it.
    The US Machiavellians will one again lose their shirt as China has preempted their nefarious move.
    China will used this to accelerate the complete recovery of the Territory.

    As for the students, they will lament and regret their action today because of their ignorance and stupidity. They have been used.
    They still cannot afford a decent home. Sorry it is NOT due to China as Housing is within the jurisdiction of SAR autonomous rule.
    What a shame?

  35. Emilie Megas Santana

    South Park has an episodes of Chinese censorship, there not China happy and banned show in China.

  36. Artista Kristal

    China makes 85 % of Our vaccines as well.

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