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  1. shera shera

    the result of american democracy is choas all around

  2. DXD 2018

    to CCP’s agents on Youtube/Google (any freedom of speech from Mainland Politburo)… where is the problem wumao 50c paid a bol of rice by Bank of China: side of CIA & US Navy, we will downsize your smelly bloody WC (world china) at 1/3 of what you call China:
    from Northern Kashmir to Tibet, East Turkestan, South Mongolia and Hong-Kong… battle will be violent & long, but we will wine against your criminal CCP of Bank of China!
    No Doubts, no Fear, no Scare to get Freedom & Full Independency!
    CCP will collaps soon.

  3. Semper Fortis

    China has made cyberwarefare attacks on the US, the EU, and many of their allies; Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman were hacked years ago, in a case that can't be chocked up to China's usual Kleptocracy. Their corporate espionage and IP theft, pales in comparison to building weaponized island bases in international waters… for the sole purpose of hijack trade routes and shipping lanes.
    This is the kind of stuff China does:

    As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, they should be an example of international cooperation… not piracy and imperialism 🖕🇨🇳

  4. DXD 2018

    Chinese Industry & R&D all belong CCP PLA Bank of China

  5. Sid Manchester

    Rubio: Why is $160 million of Florida State Public Employees Pension Fund money invested in sanctioned companies inside Russia? Why not In U.S. companies in the the U.S.? This all started under then Gov., now Sen. Rick Scott. There are more Russian billionaires who reside in Florida than any other state. Most of these billionaires are owners if these sanctioned companies. Has the Florida Republican Party been bought off by these Billionaire Russians – i.e., quid pro quo? – many who brought their Dirty money in the U.S. on the money laundering express from places like Cyprus.

  6. Rougé Moonchild

    China isnt allowed to do anything here they want each country has different jurisdictions and different law practices

  7. Rougé Moonchild

    They dont have a coherent direction… this coming from trump smh stop that

  8. Inter Pol

    Republicans are stealing regular Americans social security money and giving to billionaires thats socialism

  9. Maryann Martell


  10. Jim Kun

    Big ears, medium mouth, Little Marco, tiny hands and no brain

  11. Johndo Sliver

    Marco Rubio is a stupid and inept sen with very small mind and no vision, no strategy. His way will only American poorer and he is not responsible, so shamed.

  12. Wethank Babe

    Non sense

  13. David Leija

    Why trade with thieves. Time to wake up the chinese people and government isn’t our friend.

  14. David Leija

    China and it’s people won’t stop stealing it’s in the culture of China and in the DNA. Let me give you an example China hosted some military game in China and its team got caught cheating. Think about it they hosted it and got kicked out. For cheating, it’s like getting fired on your day off.

  15. 李小雨

    u.s is looking for new cold war

  16. 李小雨

    he is pay by
    gop war machine + taiwan lobby

  17. thinkabout

    There he goes again – bla bla bla bla from Fl.

  18. Better Days

    China owns 1.123 trillion dollars of our debt. China sealed the deal to a 15 nation trade deal. Us dollar replaced by China backing oil.

  19. Joe Daniels

    Capitalism doesn't work ether look around. It works for you. Silver spoon sucking, Ivory Tower, POS. Capitalism is far worse then socialism. Ask my dying dad because he can't get his meds.

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