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  1. jhedrixz

    And USA never helped the Philippines when china took the Scarborough shoal. USA such a bullshit ally. US will only help if you have oil, for them to plunder. Well goodluck on your patrol on South China Sea. Your patrol are years too late, Well goodluck USA on your useless patrol.

  2. Richard Morgan

    we owe China so much money .it's either pay up are destroy them I don't no

  3. ranbir singh

    Super power only god nun other .this fightare black gold and other minrol .

  4. nemesio ayuban

    china next sodom & gomorrah vs US and all allies country go go go US and all allies country .

  5. ranbir singh

    Super power america days has gone coming of the years.super power allways not super power.example for atomen empoye after that britan and garmen? Under stand this my nearst.nature of time are change.
    My hiro is b ….puteen and i love rushia.

  6. Isoi suave

    Because US to much talking China has prepared.

  7. Antonio Herrera

    I think China’s building island military facilities in South china sea was the worst and dangerous mistakes ever made by communist china because the whole World got “HATED” thier out of steps move .

  8. Dan W

    It's always the same story with dictatorships; people around dictators learn that it is advantageous to tell the dictators what they want to hear, and after hearing what they wanted to hear enough times they come to believe it; and so they think they are 10 times more powerful than they really are, and they get careless, start bullying neighbours, become total jerks; and when they become utterly unbearable finally they get their assets kicked to a geosynchronous transfer orbit.

  9. James Allen

    China will regret there ways…they have been getting away with it FAR TO LONG!

  10. Leonardo Genilla

    Your statement is wrong the battle of America Vs China, Philippines, Indonesia and Russia together all assian country

  11. rick james

    Sink China's navy

  12. Lover Boy

    nothing that china ever build could never match up to an american made, god bless america,s mighty agression.

  13. Cahaya Essa

    China's weak military, when the enemy army can stand on mainland China. Then the first one to massage is the winner. Why? Why? China's defense systems are incredibly delicate

  14. Edward Henson

    We are soon gonna teach you a lesson to China.

  15. Lucky Yiw

    watch out for China DF21D aircraft carrier killer missiles. they can blow any navy out of the
    water like tin cans.

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