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  1. Joe Deleon

    Why would anybody buy some stupid pink and purple shoes from this loser,he has no backbone,he apologizes to the chinese,hes the colin Kaepernick of basketball,I'm from near houston and I will never back the rockets ever again,they will never win a championship,he doesn't know how to distribute the ball,he worries about how many points he can score,plus the new owner is a loser too who also wants the Chinese to wipe out Hong kong,i with the Hong Kong protesters ,NBA will never be on my t.v ever again,rockets cant win with loser leading the team and an owner who has no american values,freedom of speech losers

  2. winghong


  3. winghong

    harden sells out the USA.

  4. FBicoolshaman

    I LOVE MONEY GAVE ME MONEY MONEY WHO CARES MAN i will kiss anybody ass for money I LOVE YOU CHINA

  5. Wojtek Czemas

    Its like he have it in his genes – obedience to his master.

  6. Wojtek Czemas

    What a punk. Where is your SJW bullshiet now harden??

  7. Limmamikegamma60

    You commies make me sick.

  8. Jason Springer

    Cowardice at its finest

  9. johnlocke445

    These whores would suck Chinese communist party dick to keep their contracts. Liberty sellouts!

  10. Ryan Szczesny

    James Harden is a social justice b!tch. He loves the China cock.

  11. Alexia Is On Fire

    Is Harden getting his knees dirty to appease the Chinese overlords? Yes and he deserves criticism for that. But Harden is the ONLY NBA star player not to be on the super woke black lesbians matter Feminazi hype train. Where is the criticism for Steph Curry and Lebron James? For Popovich and Kerr? They are the super woke radical liberal freedom fighters supposedly and this is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue. Those cowards deserve to be burned at the stake

  12. 0011101001011011

    Fuckn shill.

  13. John Smith

    The NBA, James Harden and Steph Curry are whores, anti American, anti Freedom.

  14. ShortRound42

    I thought Harden was this tough stand up guy. I guess he can't distinguish between government oppression and freedom of speech.
    Oh, correct that…he IS a tough guy, just a dummy. That makes more sense.

  15. Permaculture Homestead

    I STAND w/ HONG KONG, REAL people fighting for FREEDOM !

  16. JC Harris

    So pull your money out of the NBA
    Here in America too people….
    Let his sell out punk ass go make a living in China if he "loves" them so much.
    Read up on Mao, Pol pot, the khmer Rouge….Harden.

  17. m3dmonds

    “We love everything they are about”. Harden loves genocide, got it.

  18. Christopher Dones

    He didn’t look like he believed the words coming out his mouth 😂

  19. ringo stark

    NBA players actually graduate College??? Ummm Mr. Harden read a book some time… the China you "luv" has over 1mm Muslims in internment camps currently… Peace

  20. JayY1Thousand

    Wow these comments goes to show what pricks you guys are. Do you think he has a say in what his opinion on the matter is? Nevermind the NBA and what they stand for, what will it mean for both the Rockets and Adidas, as well as his own job stability? Also I doubt he knows much of what's really going on with HK and China, as do most of you, so it's not like his opinion if he has one is valid anyways. As for politics back home in America that stuff hits home and is personal for him, as a black man, but what's going on in HK is someone else's politics and making an uninformed opinion can be very, very dangerous.

  21. Mike Martinez

    Fucking sellout

  22. Steve Schmidt

    The quote is "We love everything they are about". There is no them at the end.

  23. therealthreadkilla

    "We love China" bull fucking shit, you love the money they send your way.

    "the capitalist will sell you the rope you use to hang him with" is more true today then I have ever seen in my life. The globalist capitalists have embraced communism.

    We're done folks, bow to your overlords as the NBA has done…….make sure you "social credit score" doesn't take a hit……ya might just need some reeducation

  24. tyler jackson

    "We are puppets and bootlickers and hell yes we support China shutting these people down."

  25. Andrew Harding

    At least KD sold out to the warriors….This dude sells out America and its freedoms….The ultimate snake

  26. Pamp Suisse Los Angeles

    "WE LOVE CHINA" As he thinks to himself…FML I Just sold out…

  27. DoYouThinkForUrselF

    Ahh ya we support tyranny as long as it is profitable. West is a bunch of sellouts now. BOYCOTT NBA.

  28. D Lll

    Fucking sellout

  29. Bob Bobby

    That is the basic response.

  30. Dr. Hyde The Werewolf

    Slave ass bitch.

  31. OP Hamson

    Free Hong Kong🇭🇰!!!!!!

  32. Vapletrichs Gne

    Anti-American hustler.

  33. WDNMD666

    i love fucking Americans

  34. 杜奧巴轉身


  35. Jiabin Wang

    The mask people from HK throw gasoline bomb to police, do ya think that called “ free HK”

  36. Mark Lau

    Shame on you!!!

  37. Patrick Mak

    I always hate James Harden and Westbrook. Go play in CBA if you guys love China that much!

  38. astro ayumi

    James Harden really a broad minded person not a typical hypocrite Americans !

  39. 李嘉泰


  40. LordMeowMeow

    Fuck these dudes. Fuckin losers

  41. streetmoney21

    Just lost all respect Harden. Whats up with the plantation mentality??? Suckin toes and kissing Chinese government ass for money that's what a Ho does. The Chinese government stinks to high hell! enslaving their people with a wack ass social credit system. The people of China live in fear of their government and Harden has no courage to say whats right??? The Chinese people deserve to live in a free and open society. Not one that is closed and abusive. That's why so many people are trying to flee that country to come to the US. HONG KONG has a right to be FREE!!! As an American we have a right to speak freely. The NBA is now a garbage organization filled with cowards because they are allowing a foreign power to punk them into censoring their employees. what a joke.

  42. Jason Ge

    Hope yall "freedom" can buy you lunch, dumb ass keyboard man dont even know what means "work" , yall dont love money ? Thats because you dont even have it…..

  43. Nick Anderson

    Nevermind the mercantilism, technology theft, bribery, live organ harvesting, prison torture and killings, and the slave labor / reeducation camps ….Harden loves China.

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