Wesley Snipes Martial Arts Movie Star

Wesley Snipes' martial arts strength can be said to be the basis of his action movie career. Although the role of drama in early movies is like from

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 Snipes was not required to show off his powerful skills. Interestingly, many of his later roles involved a lot of action.

Even more amazing is that in his most famous action character Blade, the vampire hunter in the daytime walking, Snipes served as producer and combat choreographer in the first two films of the series. Obviously, this is a person who loves his fighting art.

Wesley Snipes martial arts training and background are impressive. He is a fifth-grade black belt, ranked high in the Shotokan Karate, and has extensive training in Capoeira. He is a versatile martial artist. Snipes began training at the age of 12 and credited his training to help him overcome adversity. In an interview with the Calgary Sun, Snipes talked about how his early karate training taught him valuable life skills:

"They teach me how to deal with the adversity of life. You have to endure and overcome so many physical pains to learn these movements, you can apply the same principles to life experiences. I am still a child. I mature very late. It grew harder in a tough world. I started using martial arts training to protect myself, so my style is a mix of traditional martial arts and Bronx street fighting."

Snipes seems to shun when asked directly about the most common fighting art in the movie. However, he did not hesitate to praise his early traditional combat training and his continued enthusiasm for the African-Cabo Paella art, who studied at the Mestro Reyola. However, he readily admits that he has adopted several military styles in the battle scene, and it is easy to see the influence of his choreography on taekwondo, halflings, kenpo karate and Philippine weapon art.

Regardless of the style of Wesley Snipes, there is no doubt that he is one of the most entertaining and attractive action movie stars. If you want to check out some of his works on DVD, here is a list of the best Wesley Snipes martial arts action movies of all time:

  • Passenger 57
  • Boiling point
  • sunrise
  • Knife
  • American Marshal
  • The art of war
  • Blade II: Bloodhunt
  • Blade: Trinity
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