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  1. Sam Wolvo

    Can I go for MS Public Health after my MBBS program ?

  2. ADR


  3. ahmed khan

    Hi there, how much a cardiac sonography and a cardiac non invasive and invasive technologist era in use per year, thanks

  4. Tae Mi

    Average time to get public health degree??

  5. Lisa Adler

    28k that's minimum wage isn't it, if not pretty close

  6. Beth

    don't study public health.

  7. Jeremy Penn

    Came for info but stayed for the b**bs

  8. CNA Trucking

    None of these job you can get straight out of college.. most of these job you need more or different education.

  9. Charles Lewing

    Wow. Perfect voice

  10. youmad huh

    she can check my genital health anyday

  11. Mark Kirkland

    Please, remove this outdated and inaccurate video.

  12. zombies

    The average pay for a month, year, day? Someone please help

  13. Mariah Howell

    Are you a robot?

  14. Aaron Asare Owusu


  15. InViKTus

    shes cute

  16. Renaldo Delgado

    that chic is hot

  17. Irfan Razvi

    can you go medical school with a bs in public health??

  18. Shaun Ahsan

    is this a news? talk normally please

  19. cilmi wa caqli channel

    wel done

  20. Pap Lumo

    hahahaha … I don't believe U

  21. Public Health Afficionado

    She is gorgeous, probably the only reason I clicked on this. I had to watch the video 3 times because I was getting lost in those eyes!

  22. Iris L

    isn't dentist got dental degree??

  23. mantizz2

    After finishing public health programme can i work as primary care physician?

  24. Heather Smith

    CDC has public health jobs
    Are you ready to take on a mission that matters?  How about making the world a healthier place? At CDC, you can make that happen.  We protect health and promote quality of life through the prevention and control of disease, injury and disability.  This is no easy task.  It requires us to work around the world because sometimes disease and health threats are best addressed before they reach our shores. In fact, we work in over fifty countries and respond yearly to hundreds of outbreaks and emergencies. And it all starts with people like you. Whether your background is in  medicine, healthcare, research or administration—you can help to fight diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis, and help to make our nation, and the world, a better place for all to live and thrive. Saving lives and protecting people around the world.  That’s CDC 24/7!

  25. Angel Pair

    Wow she's hot

  26. morgan erkard

    I plan on earning my BS in public health and now I know I will have lots of job opportunities and plenty of job security!

  27. MaFess ABR

    Thank you very much, your video helped me to broaden my knowledge

  28. De Bruynee_17

    What i do with methan,ethan,propan or butane 😭

  29. Travis Wang

    My university offers both a BS and BA in public health. From what I know, a BS makes more sense for students preparing for professional or advanced education in health/science, but I'm wondering what kind of careers are available to a public health BA degree? I'm in a dilemma, thanks for any input! 

  30. Putri Safrida

    Iam public health student. We also learn about public nutrition

  31. watsonpho1

    Medical assistants and dentists are health professionals that have their own degree.  You cannot do either with a degree in public health.  Jobs for people with a degree in public health are usually based on the 5 core competencies for public health… Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Environmental health, Health service administration and Health education/behavior.

  32. Garza Hirton

    Dream big and stay focused then you can achieve any of these careers

  33. Lowe Gravers

    I think nurses are one of the most under appreciated but most necessary occupations. Kudos to all the nurses out there.

  34. Guillermo Gilmore

    Thank you so much for posting this video. It has really helped me figure what I want to do when I grow up.

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