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  1. Toby Continued


  2. Toby Continued

    T his video sucks

  3. Lily FinLy


  4. Nikhil Girish

    am i the only one face palming?

  5. Maryam Su

    This is absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much for creating such engaging and beautiful learning materials.

  6. Антагонист

    спасибо за ваши уроки!

  7. Hopes_1995

    Can you add a translation into the comments as you do with previous videos? It's really helpful having the translation there when struggling

  8. 我是俄罗斯人苏菲亚

    非常感谢!^^ 我很喜欢LITTLE FOX

  9. Rotairy

    Did you just assume my gender

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