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  1. Anjali Gupta


  2. GoodLifeRoad

    I’m definitely making this soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Viv Amend

    your top is so cute! love your videos 💕

  4. Chrysi Chrysi

    That avocado and egg toast actually looked delish🥑 I think I will have to try that for breakfast.

  5. Rina Gray


  6. Miriki Scheepers

    Do you exersise

  7. izzie

    you can just tell how tall she is wow 😂

  8. Govada Narendra

    i think u need some teaching classes for preparation of food.the best part of this video is ur smiling,very gracious. don't hide it.

  9. Sorry Can't Tell

    I aspire to have a body like yours :")

  10. Sherrina Mullins

    This was such an enjoyable video!! I relate to her some, I am always thinking about my next meal not because I’m hungry for it but because I’m excited to make the healthy and clean meals hehe

  11. Lcxgbx xl

    Love your voice 😘

  12. Nouhaila Chafiq

    I am a Moroccan girl I like your body and your beauty all the best in your life

  13. Vivian

    you should really put the measurements 🥺

  14. Joe K

    I love your hair in this (:

  15. Jungkookie Baby

    Your videos are so calming

  16. Hellosunshine

    I would recommend, not to use plastic bags when you go shopping

  17. Rama Pd98

    When she used butter,I’m shooketh

  18. Asiprapa Kaeothonglang

    I like it

  19. dynamics

    What kind of knives do you use? ^^

  20. Memes Prameswari

    Please make a grocery shopping video. I get to be so confused sometimes when I am grocery shopping. Even though I know what food I am going to make. I just wanna make sure that I don't buy too much. Especially, when the ingredients are fresh or organics… It would be amazing if you can make a grocery shopping video. Wishing you all the great things in life. Love you 🙂

  21. Annalise Benejam

    She eats twice us much as me and yet I'm still twice as big as her 😂

  22. Manda Guterstam

    Love you, but make your own califlower rice, it is way more cheaper, If you want a hack.

  23. redhead

    Your community is soooo positive 😍😍😍 i couldnt find even one hate comment ❤

  24. rowan de esch

    Oooh la la, youre my destiny. Im fat. I want to be rescued.

  25. che hemmozione

    you are really out there being THAT cute

  26. Beverley Roberts

    That supermarket reminded me of the one Cameron Diaz was in in the Holiday! 😁

  27. Beverley Roberts

    All looked beautiful, I'm going try everything, cauliflower rice, would never have thought of doing that with the curry! Thank you for giving me some tasty ideas! 😄

  28. Lingua Madina

    Please make a video how you exercise your body?

  29. sebbe boi

    Oh she looks a bit like a Mix between Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. Two stunning women!!

  30. Nefertiti Spark

    Now you can make poached eggs at home with this little tip, take a piece of plastic wrap (a square of about 20cm per side) and place it on top of a litte deep plate, then crack an egg over the plastic wrap, season the egg and close it by gathering the 4 sides of the wrap and twisting them togheter until the egg inside is secure and almost with no air inside, then put it in boiling water and wait for about a minute until the whites are cooked.
    Voilá, easy poached eggs! 😊

  31. Lookwha yyehh

    As a thai person, i love you too hehe

  32. Richa Pathak

    I thought Victoria secret models just had liquid diet they never ate solid food…

  33. jillianfrat

    Totally agree! When I was in Thailand in 2011 we ate Thai food for every meal of the day, and I could've done that forever — SO yummy! Can't wait to try this dish! =-)

  34. Kovely K

    Have you forgotten to show that after eating you’re vomiting everything?

  35. Roberta Stfleur

    How tall are you,your so beautiful

  36. Lia Turn

    She is an angel?

  37. Vera Geerts

    you look like a young version of cameron diaz

  38. KREON tribe

    <3 beautiful blog I found today 🙂

  39. Anna Gardiner

    A realistic, healthy 'what i eat in a day' and your personality is so sweet!! Love these videos

  40. krydder06

    Dear Sanne I really tried to like Indian Curry 🍛 but always my stomach didn’t like it. After I watch your video I give a try to your recipe and I love it 🥰 and my stomach too. Thanks 🙏🏻

  41. Thanutporn Saka

    I'm from Thailand😊🤗

  42. Juey Mitra

    Dude u are awesome. I just love your vedios 😙😙

  43. Penelope Pitstop

    Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  44. Nancy Palmer

    Sanne. You should consider publishing a cookbook. Seriously I have made a bunch of things from your different videos on YouTube. And all are amazing! My favorite so far is the chicken curry. ❤… ps. I've also lost 15lbs eatting healthier. Thank you so much for the inspiration 😊

  45. caitlyn mcmenamy

    Skeletor if you ever have kids,if that almost emaciated body of yours can carry a healthy fetus to term,you're going to want to turn your pot and skillet handles toward the side or back of your stove.

  46. caitlyn mcmenamy

    Goddamn…those long,long arms and long,boney fingers…weirdly distracting.

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