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  1. Alex Costa

    A few things I should have probably mentioned in the video: I like to be efficient and spend as little time making food as possible so I can focus on other things like work, friends, etc, that's why I recently started getting meal delivered. Of course I still eat out, and like to enjoy unhealthy food once or twice a week (you gotta live a little), but I try to stick to this diet as much as possible to get the best results. Hope you enjoy the video! Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Simon Alexander

    6:10 whaa..? Clearly indicates he doesn't like cooking

  3. Nikhil Venkata

    Good Video I respect what you've done but the food is honestly boring. Sorry

  4. MJ James

    Keto is WAY, WAY, WAY better than this way of eating. It's also cheaper which isn't saying much because these food prices in the video are beyond most people's budgets.

  5. RMadrid4

    Alex costa : “ I drink my own pee, my nutritionist recommended”

  6. RMadrid4

    You have a nutritionist! Dumb ass, it better be free

  7. Noah Vincent

    is it just me or does he kind of look like Robert downey jr

  8. santhosh naidu

    Costa you are eating way too much plastic food.

  9. Aiden Pethick

    Your kitchen counters are sexy

  10. Rashad Taylor

    Very inspiring Alex. I personally need to visit a nutritionist so knowing your experience helped to motivate me big time. A am about 135lbs however seeking 175lbs.

  11. William Chisholm

    When you said you start your lunch with a shot of tequila I was like, “Hey! I’m doin something right!” 😂

  12. mario vitinho

    I loved this video I might copy some of this food I'm like gym mad and I'm a healthy eater so I'm gonna copy some of your foods

  13. Raj Lucka

    That undiffused light is triggering my OCD

  14. Dave Djoparto

    Great man thx for sharing!

  15. Self Improve

    I don't believe that I can get to where you are. And don't know why.

  16. Brand Pierr

    Is intermittent fasting good? Cause I wake up at 5am and dont eat until 12pm

  17. Bhagwat Rathore

    What you have in frege alexxx

  18. Truecaller

    Dont you drink Green tea??? 🤦🏻‍♂

  19. swords men4727

    Please mention the supplements you take including the skin ones..

  20. Mustakim Hussain

    Dude make a video on your personal care i.e face wash, shampoo etc

  21. La El

    0:58 How the hell you wake up with a set hair?

  22. Andrew Mai

    lmao @ the tequila

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