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  1. Natacha Océane

    Hey beautiful people ❤️ The ending of this video is probably the highlight of my entire time here on YouTube. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. 

    The recipes and more details about each meal are in the description box for you, so you can try everything yourselves! Love ya 🧡

  2. Sumer Wensman

    TRYPOPHOBIA!! Ethan Dolan is quaking.

  3. Eva Bish

    the way she stabbed that lemon ahhh

  4. Annie Maize

    I love this video!

    I've been "maintaining" for a couple of years now, but with my wedding 10 months away, I'd love to "cut" just a little, gradually over the next 10 months. Any tips on how to start and what to do throughout? Thanks so much!

  5. Alejandra Rodriguez

    Two drops of hot sauce

  6. Wellness Warrior

    You two always make me laugh and start my day on a happy note! Thank you! Also, my boyfriend and I also can’t workout together haha 😂

  7. Hannah

    Your editing has grown so much!!!!! AWESOME!!

  8. Anneken1987

    Just absolutely love your videos. So well thought out, perfect length and beautifully edited. You always manage to make me smile! 😊

  9. Linette Velasco

    I HAVE THAT PHOBIA TOO LOL people don't know they have it until you do a google image search of it lol

  10. SaintOrCinema

    Question! I have read that flexibility is actually 80% genetic and only 20% training. So does that mean that the box splits will actually never be possible for some people? I was a ballerina and can naturally do the splits because my mum naturally can do — but for some of my classmates it was always impossible! It could be improved but not fully achieved. I just wondered if there is any research on this?

  11. Rachael B

    Natacha I love you, I adore your relationship with Mario (most adorable couple ever right here) and I love how kind and genuine you are. You are beautiful ♥️ thank you for existing and making these amazing videos you are an inspiration!!

  12. Maja Flasikova

    Have you ever had a burn out (sport) if yes how did you get rir of it or can you do video about did

  13. Maja Flasikova

    I love your videos 🥰😇🤩 keep going

  14. Auxilia D' Souza

    I love watching you two goof about

  15. Corinne Beingamood

    I have trypophobia too!

  16. Malin erikstad

    Natacha is the sweetest, most humble, kind, funny and inspirational human ever! Natacha I love you so much. Keep doing what you do.💋💓🤗

  17. Madeline Curry

    I also hate small holes!!! 😅🤢

  18. Khushi Prashanth

    Just a quick question about weight loss : is it okay to lose your period during weight loss?

  19. 1337gaia

    Ohh do you own ankle weights? Works wonders on the wall split 😉

  20. Sasiwimon Wongwaikariya

    Heyyy cutie , I actually got the same problems with holes… i feel disgusted and got goosebumps lol #endholesnow

  21. Ira Volarević

    I always look forward to your videos because they make me feel so happy. Your happiness is genuinely contagious, and you two are so funny. 🙂

  22. Sarah Mollica

    OMG I HAVE the fear of holes so bad that when I see the adidas sneakers you are wearing I have to look away 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

  23. raven

    do I smell fresh btw

  24. Elle Lane

    love how these videos show so much more than just food! What is the best part of your videos is just the vlogging parts in my opinion 🥰🥰

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