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  1. Gay Chick

    Please respect my reasons for not seeking therapy. I have my researched viewpoint and personal experiences. Therapy doesn't work for everyone.

  2. Steven Quartz Universe

    I have a therapist appointment today but i haven’t told her that i had harmed myself and that I am feeling depressed cause i don’t know how to tell her i’ve just told her how anxious i am and now i’m anxious cause i don’t know how to tell her and if i don’t tell her i’ll never get help but if i do she’ll tell my parents;-;

    this just sucks

  3. AJ G

    Mine would probably be in the /unpopularopinions but what I would like is people WITH and WITHOUT mental illness is there is a damn difference between intellectual and mental illness. The same goes for preference. Wanting to be alone or anti-social/introverted doesn't make you mentally ill or disabled. Stop adding to your pity tally.
    And here is one that would be VERY unpopular. I HATE the clogged up system with Depression/Anxiety complaints. Its popular more than ever and those with illnesses such as Bi-polar, Schizophrenia waves hand and other 'crazy' head sicknesses can't even get through to the help needed if it calls for it! And the only way to even be freaking seen is if something happens to the person or another!

  4. AngryGay TM

    My dad thinks that i can just get rid of or push out my alters like push them out of me or pray them away. I have Dissociative Identity Disorder and no the animal alter wont comit cannibalism and the vampire needs very very obvious and repeated consent. And the meanest one is under strict watch and is mentally hurtful but he is going to be worked on. And the hypersexual and sexual alters are not whores and yes you will have to ask many times if you want or are having intercourse because there are severely traumatised alters that will be badly triggered from this.

    And OCD is not just symmetry i do have strict needs for orders of things and colors but its because if two colors that are next to eachother that from an extremely ingrained line that says the colors CANNOT be next to eachother and if they are together i get horrible anxiety. And I can't snap out of it. My routines are very VERY important to me and any unwilling change will cause me to breakdown.

    Also I do not think what I tic

    And for my mute alters THEY ARE MUTE THEY CANT TALK if one DID talk that wont mean the other can at all. Please be patient. Especially if you end up seeing a little they are children. And you also may not know how much trauma they hold so don't start acting like im being childish when a little fronts ok. It just makes it all so much worse

    And when I dissociate I am not ignoring you I literally cannot bring myself back to reality or focus or move from it.

  5. Cosmic System

    people with Dissociative Identity Disorder are not psycho murderers. we're traumatized. and no, i'm not someone who thinks they're multiple people. i share a body with multiple other "alters" (people). and yes, it IS a real mental illness.

  6. Sapphic Cora

    Anxiety is not JUST being scared to speak up in class and/or getting nervous around people who you don't know.
    It's also (and mostly) constantly feeling completely drained from constant panic and anxiety, and starving myself during school days so that I physically cannot comprehend reality.

    Also, I don't choose what I'm anxious over. 90% of the time I KNOW that what I'm panicking over is irrational and stupid, and yet the anxiety doesn't go away. It's ALMOST as if I have a mental disorder that makes me anxious over rediculous things.

  7. Snootle Dootle

    I mean, I have ADD/anxiety. Here's a few that I'd really appreciate people being aware of… (this list was way, way bigger than I intended…)

    If I say I don't like being touched, it doesn't mean I hate you. It just means I don't like being touched. Some days are better than others, and some people as well. I feel insanely uncomfortable if a stranger or a relative I don't know touches me, but most times if someone I'm comfortable with does then it's fine. Sometimes it isn't. Sometimes being touched at all is enough to set me off. If I actively move away from you touching me, then don't go out of your way to touch me. I understand if it's not intentional or whatever. But intentionally going out of your way to because you know it bothers me and you think it's 'funny' is only funny for one of us here.

    I avoid eye contact because it makes me deeply uncomfortable. It isn't because I don't respect you, it isn't because I hate you, it doesn't mean I'm lying or that I'm not listening. It's the same as being touched, there are some people I'm more comfortable with. Even then, I will feel uncomfortable if I can't look away for a few seconds every once in a while. There are people I can't make eye contact with at all without feeling uncomfortable. I don't know why.

    Don't assume that I'm completely fine if I seem calm on the outside. You don't know how much I internalize. I can do everything I usually do while having an anxiety attack on the inside. Making it public- or having you bring attention to it, and babying me- only makes me even more anxious. I can handle this. I do it all the time. On that note, for the love of the gods, do not baby me. I will hate you for a thousand years. I have enough problems with being treated like a kid already.

    If I seem incredibly snappy and irritated, I'm not angry at you. I don't mean to snap at you, 99% of the time. It's more than likely I'm having sensory issues and everything has just gotten to be too much. If I do snap at you or anything, tell me. Me having these problems doesn't mean I'm allowed to treat you like shit. Even if I don't mean it, and say it out of agitation, I shouldn't get away with it. This ties into the first point I mentioned: if this happens, I really, really do not want to be touched. If I'm having sensory overload, then I hate being touched 1000 times more. You don't need to step in and act like you're an overprotective mom or something.

    Just as a last note, don't assume this goes for us all! I know plenty of people who have issues like mine who are ok with some of this stuff I mentioned, and some who are way less than me. Neurodivergent people aren't all in one very specific box. If you aren't sure, just try and clear it up with them! It's a lot messier to just assume these things.

    And please, I beg of you, don't use us as your 'I'm better than all of you, I'm friends with an (insert illness here)-er!' And I speak for all of us when I say that. Being Autism Mom 2.0 doesn't make you a good person, it makes you a clown. We are not a good person bingo square. We're human beings and expect to be treated as such.

  8. FubstheFish

    In regards to the sleep makes physical tiredness fade away and rejuvenate the body. Meditation is the psychological equivalent.

  9. FubstheFish

    So I have anxiety and dysthymia then. Yay

  10. Father potato

    My main one is that, spoiler alert, autistic people can actually feel empathy and shit, we just don't know how to show it. I hate it when people act like I'm some apathetic overly anxious sociopath, but nope! Another thing is people not realising the difference between anxious and autistic anxious… The response that I do is wayyyyyy different (meltdowns meltdowns) and I often get sick of people getting annoyed when they've already 'fixed my problems' with provisions and it starts up again. The world changes, honey. More problems crop up, and they need dealing with fast before I have a fricking meltdown.

    Edit: Also masking is really misunderstood, it really upsets me when people don't get why I don't 'act autistic' or 'act anxious'. Like jee wow thanks for making it seem like my problems aren't a problem! Also when other mentally ill people act like my problems aren't a problem because they have problems too, and because I've been 'feeling like this my entire life'.

  11. The 667th VESCO girl

    The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.

  12. oliver

    i understand the teeth thing. i had such a huge problem cleaning my teeth when my depression was like, at it's peak, and id be afraid to tell anyone about it bc ppl would think i was lazy or gross for not keeping my teeth clean. especially my dentist. i hate going to the dentist for that exact reason. and so much other shit. depression makes you PHYSICALLY ROT. i wish people would understand this

  13. Hamster Fetus

    I have OCD and although my parents don’t believe mental illness is real my mom continues to tell me I don’t have OCD even though I’ve had 3 doctors tell me so all the while saying she has OCD for pity points because she’s clean and I can’t tell you how many times a day I get oh I’m a little ocd too 🙄

  14. Ирина Кот

    Depression IS real. Please, don't tell me that I'm just not doing good enough to deal with it. If I wasn't, I would have been dead long time ago.
    Even if you think that someone can become addicted to meds, don't freaking stop them from taking meds. For me meds are important not to get out of the window because I'm tired of this shit.
    Please, if someone trust you enough to tell about their mental illness, don't push them away. You probably won't be able to understand, what they are experiencing, but please, don't doubt them.
    We're the same human beings as you are, but our brains make us live a nightmare irl
    Mental health is important!

  15. Novalee

    This is very much true. I don't tell people that I suffer from OCD. I tell them the type of OCD it is.

    There seems to be a misconception that there is one type of OCD. However, there are multiple.

    For example what I am diagnosed with is trichotillomania.

  16. Kartoffelkamm

    Guy with autism here. No, I´m not self-absorbed, nor am I unwilling to see your side of the argument. And I´m also not overreacting to something that shouldn´t even bother me anyway because there´s no way I should notice it.
    The fact that I can even consider that there might be a side to an argument that´s different from mine is a massive improvement for me. There was a time when I first went on the internet, where I was pretty awful to everyone who disagreed with me on anything but hard facts, because I thought they were joking and just wanted to mess with me. They said I was being a troll and blocked me, but in reality, I was literally unable to grasp the concept of differing opinions. My brain defines logic based on a very strict set of rules, which cannot be changed. Period. I have just recently gotten to a point where my initial reaction to seeing an opinion other than mine wasn´t "A comedian, nice. Now cut it out, it gets old." It´s about as hard for me as it is for you, because once I realize I upset people, I feel horrible for months, even when they have likely already forgotten about it.
    Also, my nose, eyes and ears are much more sensitive than in most other people I know. One time, my mom added a small cap of citrus cleaner to a large bucket of water and cleaned the house. 8 hours later, I come home, and even though she had been airing out the house the entire time, and didn´t even notice the scent as she was cleaning, my nose was on fire. It was like shoving my face into a lemon and taking a whiff. Same with deodorant. That stuff burns in my airways, mostly the gas used to get it out of the can, and the smell alone is enough to trigger an extremely agonizing feeling of "Holy mother of god my insides are melting!!" Besides, if I ask you if you´ve used deodorant around here, and you admit to having done so, you can no longer deny that I can smell it, because I asked you if you did, without having any proof of it, and you confirmed it.
    Another thing is how I process sounds. I can´t tune out anything. We get a taxi service offered, and paid for, by my work place if we don´t have a car, and I´m friends with the driver, so he lets me put on some music every now and then. One time, I was listening to some metal, and a woman in the back row (it was a kind of van, with three rows of seats, and I was in the front) said that the music was a bit loud for her liking. She didn´t say it to me, nor the person next to her, she just said it under her breath. I turned the music down a bit, because I like to think of myself as a nice person, or at least nicer than the average. Still, when I turned around and asked her if it was better now, the guy next to me, and even the ones in the middle row, were somewhat confused, and asked me what I meant.

  17. Bridget Rodas

    I’ve been diagnosed with Depression/suicidal thoughts and Anxiety, also eating disorder. Let say a few things

    1. WE ARENT LAZY Depression is like a sponge, dries up all of our energy.

    2. Just because I look happy doesn’t mean I don’t have depression, looking happy and being happy is a difference

    3. Yes I smile because there are some times where I am happy, But it only stays for a amount of time

    4. Yes I have anxiety, That doesn’t mean I can’t talk to people.

    5. No I am not Faking an Anxiety attack, you don’t even know how it feels to have one.

    6. Some people prefer to be isolated.

    7. Just bc I go out a lot doesn’t mean I don’t have anxiety.

    8. No, Anxiety can’t be treated the same way yours was treated. There’s many type of Different feels of anxiety. Many ways to help it.

    9. just because I take anti depressants doesn’t mean I’m sick in the head, and i don’t take them to be happy. I take them because I’m not trying to think of bad things

    10. Just because I go to therapy doesn’t mean I am “special”

    11. People with eating disorders have many reasons why they do it.

    12. Don’t joke about diets/being fat with people who have very bad eating disorders.


    14. I can’t stop being anxious of being worried, if anxiety comes to you, you can’t really stop it (unless it’s coping skills)

    15. Don’t treat me differently just because I was diagnosed with a Mental-illness.

  18. Alexandria Pearce

    PTSD isn't always panic attacks and nightmares. Sometimes its the smell of his cigar and then feeling nothing for 6 hours. Or the sound of a belt and a scrapping chair and then you are 3 hours in the future with no memory of the time you spent in between. Its making yourself say yes to going to that neighborhood again and the whole time you feel like you have the flu. And lets not even talk about the "I literally don't feel safe anywhere on this planet and want to escape my body" moments. Oh yeah and the weird anger that happens occasionally. Like someone says the trigger word and suddenly you're screaming at them and have crazy eyes and they just called you sweetheart or something and its just the wrong thing to say right now. Yeah. Often PTSD is portrayed as panic attacks and nightmares and its not just that, its so much more. You can never escape from that moment, the one that broke you. You just live there sometimes in your head.

  19. Alexandria Bell

    I think I need to see a therapist again because my other one left without saying anything. It makes me feel like I'm hopeless and can't be fixed. My depression has gotten worse and I started self harm a couple months ago, then my mom found out after the one time I did it. We sat down and had a talk about why I did it and I told her I wanted to see a therapist again. She hasn't looked for one yet, but she did say that if I tried to do it again she would send me to a mental hospital. At this point it's hard to resist the temptation to do it again because I get random urges. This is why I need help. I'm just considering doing it so I can get some type of help rather than none. It also doesn't help the fact that I am extremely suicidal and don't want to tell her that to make her worry about me. I just want to see a therapist to hopefully get prescribed antidepressants so that I can at least feel somewhat normal. It's just hard to try and act ok all the time.

  20. Alexandria Bell

    I have been clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety and I told my friends afterwards. You want to know what they said? "Oh, I figured because you always look so sad and tired all the time." Like what? Are you trying to tell me that I look like crap, or that I didn't look normal? They didn't realize it but it actually hurt my feelings a bit when they said that. Also when I was in the middle of a mental breakdown like 3 months ago and I was crying at lunch and didn't want to be near a lot of people (some people get me because they feel pathetic and vulnerable) and my friend looked at me and said, "I wish you could be happier like before, but now you're all depressed and don't talk that much." Like, I'm sorry I can't be normal and be "how I used to be". Guess what? People change, but not all change is good. Sorry, I kind of feel like I'm ranting. ._.

  21. Captain_Cupcake

    I'm not usually one to go asking internet strangers for help but, does this sound like anything serious to you guys?
    -loss of interest in hobbies
    -constantly feeling drained
    -lack of motivation
    -lack of caring
    -trouble falling asleep and sleeping for more than 3 hours
    -emotional numbness
    -intermittent bits of unexplained sadness and tiredness

  22. haleyb130

    I have Dissociative PTSD with Trauma based hallucinations, generalized anxiety and depression. I've been abused badly as a child, I watched a close family member die at my knees, I was in a controlling, abusive relationship that resulted in a pregnancy through sexual abuse and had been homeless finding out I was pregnant. (I left him and found out shortly after that I was pregnant.) I was facing him telling people I was mentally insane so he could dump me off at an insane asylum and leave me there for good because I had PTSD and his abusive nature cause episodes, therefore, I must be insane.

    The reason why I say this, is because I can't talk about it to my family. My little sister has BPD, and she asks about my symptoms then later mimics my symptoms word by word to her parents and therapist. She has even gone as far as telling lies about her father (my stepfather) that he did to her, that my father had abused me. Luckily, it got shot down quickly. I was very badly abused at a young age by my father and she quickly tried to mimic it. She even used to state, "I use it to get attention." And when I was pregnant and moved states to live with my mother, "I think I'm going to put myself in an mental health hospital because I don't think I can share the attention with the baby." She takes my explanations and uses them as her own, work for word. I have a wall of dissociative writing back before my grandmother kicked me out and she saw it. I explained it. From that point on she has copied everything of my illnesses. If she has something she can't say she has had worse, like, when I talk about my father or have a rape nightmare from my Ex. She will tell me to stop talking and that no one wants to hear it. She is 17 and spends the majority of the time at home. My parents know this and have talked to me about it, saying that they know it isn't fair but there isn't anything they can do because it is apart of her condition and her personality to always try and be the "most troubled". They just got her an emotional support animal to combat the problems she has taken from me and only "suffers" from them when she will get the most attention.

    My mental health isn't for attention. I rather not have it at all, but I suffer with it because of what others put me through. It is not for you to take so people will pay you mind and for you to get what you want.

  23. Sun Fox

    Bipolar here, let me have manic episodes. Only get involved in my situation if I try to hurt myself.

  24. Exra Gamer

    I may have a great life and shouldn’t complain about it, but my depression causes the little things to hurt the most and make me consider suicide. And then if I tell someone about it they will say “omg stop whining about you amazing life at least you have a family and a house and lots of video games” like bitch, you don’t know my life and I know the fact I consider these things is illogical but you have no idea what happens In my life but the smallest things like getting yelled at or insulted or my only friends hanging out with someone else affects me a lot

  25. Exra Gamer

    ADHD here,
    It’s so annoying when someone says “just pay attention” or “just focus” or “just try not to ___” it’s not that simple

  26. Maestro Theoretically

    Stop telling me to calm down when I am clearly out of my tree with anxiety

  27. Benedill Cucumberbatch

    especially with depression and anxiety combined it’s immensely tiring to fight that mental battle. you want to just get up and do everything because there’s too much to do but you have no motivation good enough to get up.

  28. sweet_ potato

    Hey i stopped talking to friends for 2 weeks. Those weeks were really hard, im pretty sure that my condition worsened over the years have it since 2-3 years. I was so sad that i became suicidal. I was going to kill myself yesterday with meds and finally asked a friend what she would do if i suddendly disappear. She knew what i meant and i told her about it. I almost wrote goodbye letters to everyone but i decided not to. I bought acrylics yesterday since i've wanted them for a long time; made my night and its okay now.
    Sorry that you had to read this but thank you if you did😞😞

  29. n i k a f i t z g e r a l d

    If you are self diagnosed with any kindly go fuck yourself. I care if you feel down but as soon as you slap a diagnosis on that shit you are removed from my life and I couldn't care less.

  30. n i k a f i t z g e r a l d

    I'm not a violent person. I have certain issues that can make me attack/try to kill somebody not out of malice but fear and confusion. I do not mean any of these things but this does not make it ok. It is really not ok but I am trying to sort out these issues however I do not appreciate being called a freak or having abuse hurled at me. If this gets any hate I'll take it down but this is a part of my life that's makes living so very difficult.

  31. Alexis Knight

    I remember one bad day where it was an hour before church and it was way too bright for a morning and I could hear people talking in the living room.

    It was terrible, I had no control and I just ended up suffering on my bedroom floor. I couldn't do anything and nothing was going on.

    Once at church, I tried to sit alone because that's what I needed, but my sister found me anyway and sat next to me. And made it worse.

    Then my dad came and made it worse unintentionally by making fun of my standoffishness.

    I ended up just leaving after sacrament and lying on my bedroom floor. My dad came after church and tried to get me to talk, but he wasn't understanding that there really was no good reason as to why I had an anxiety attack.

  32. moonlxght

    god i wasn't sure about my mental health before but after seeing how people describe them i'm starting to think i might have depression

  33. Kyo / Kazuto

    I have social anxiety. Everyone in my class behaves like I was asocial. I'm not. If you'd ask me something I'd respond because I'm forced to say something, if not my mind would tell me that you hate me now.

  34. cherimoya

    I constantly feel that I’m spoiled rotten and that everyone has it worse than me and I’m just overreacting. I lack motivation bc my brain tells me that I’m ugly and awful and that I don’t deserve to have friends or be happy. I’m always convinced that my friends hate me and that I’m dragging them down and annoying them. I feel like a pest. Even though logic tells me that I’m normal, my brain convinces me that I’m shit. When I’m told to “cheer up” or “power through it” I’m not automatically happy. I tell that shit to myself, but the literal chemical shit in my brain makes me hate myself. Sometimes, I feel nothing but despair because I feel like I’m a pest. Sometimes I’m just sad because I feel useless. Sometimes I feel anxious bc I think everyone is looking at me and thinking about my every little flaw. Sometimes I feel nothing at all. It’s always different. Thanks for reading my rant

  35. hapi champagne

    I have bipolar 2 and borderline. I work really hard for people not to see it, a lot of working self soothing and trying remind my mind the real logical facts of my life compared to the overwhelming amount of neurotic negative thinking and emotions. I work hard to try and make the people around as me life better and be more helpful compared to living as a manipulative energy vampire like I had for so many years. Once I really started doing work on the issues with me. The downfall is everyone thinks I’m happy and well put together, when I side I feel like I’m dying some days and I’ve placed myself in a position where I can hardly show my weakness, or rather I feel like I can’t show my weaknesses. My boyfriend sees it, and he feels pretty powerless and probably insecure like he should be able to make me happier, even though I tel him it’s not him. I’m like that all the time, he’s just the one I’m comfortable breaking down in front of. I’ve started gravitating toward more people I can let go to. But holy fuck, most days I wake up and I’m oh my god I have to do it again, and I just keep telling myself, one of these days it won’t be like this. Hopefully

  36. Anonymous Candle

    Oh jesus.. Depression combined with anxiety, insomnia, paranoia and a possible hint of OCD is a fucking nightmare. Mental Illness isn't a joke, its so goddamn hard and I wish everyone else who is going through it makes it through another day.

  37. Vanilla Neko

    Also many more people than you'd think have some level of autism. it's just that for a majority of autistic people they are pretty high functioning and it doesn't really affect their life enough ever to seek help or a diagnosis. as they usually often just associate their differences as personality quirks

  38. Zoe Meyer

    I have ADD/ADHD. A lot of people think that it means that I’m going to be batshit crazy and loud and obnoxious and stupid and oblivious if I don’t take my meds. What it really means that it’ll be hard get me motivated to do the things I don’t want to do, and urs even harder to get me to focus. It’s so hard because as soon as I tell someone I have ADD, 90% of the time they’ll say something along the lines of “oh I thought you were smart”. HAVING ADD/ADHD DOES NLT EQUAL STUPID OR DUMB.

  39. Vanilla Neko

    I know it's dumb to be terrified of ordering at a restaurant or setting up a doctors appointment on the phone but it's ingrained just like any other fear. Just like say arachnophobia. In hindsight it's pretty fucking stupid to be scared of a tiny harmless. At least where I live, and I know that it's dumb but it doesn't stop me from feeling that fear

    and exposure therapy only works in a controlled setting forcing a friend to do something they're uncomfortable with isn't going to do anything other than potentially cause a panic attack or some other negative response

  40. Sup

    Schizophrenics arent dangerous.

  41. Ganache

    just because you have an eating disorder doesn’t mean you have to be thin.

  42. Kelticmoon24

    I have depression, anxiety, ADHD that wasn't diagnosed until two years ago (I'm 33), and after I gave birth to my son I developed both postpartum depression and its frequently ignored but just as much a bitch to fight sibling, postpartum anxiety; both of which sent my general depression and anxiety spiraling out of control. My mother-in-law, bless her heart, did not and still does not help. My mom tries to understand, but she was raised going to a Catholic all girls school with nuns and she's EXTREMELY gullible so… yeah.

  43. Andy Engle

    How the hell does mental illness affect your teeth? I can see your heart, because of abusing caffeine to keep up with your shit even though you're depressed. But your teeth?

  44. Samantha Shelnut

    A little more serious but people with bi polar disorder can have psychotic episodes when they have extreme manic or depressive episodes. Its terrifying when you hear a harsh voice telling you to hurt yourself.

  45. PanicSAnimations

    mental disorders are NOT beautiful. i swear to fucking god if i see someone say trauma/depression/anxiety/ocd is beautiful one more time i will blow my fucking lid

  46. leviun007able

    Just because I look and act "normally" to you doesn't mean I don't have asperger's and struggle every single day to do the things you do while still masking my own personality

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