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  1. Judd Otto

    Please make a video on what the options are for Africa?

  2. Clement Lumumba

    Here in Kenya despite being like the US, talking like the US, I don't see any American companies helping build and expand our tech infrastructure!🤧 Only Chinese.

  3. Pranav j Kumar

    That was an Indian company airtel

  4. SM vhh


  5. Charles Yeo

    China… Spreading totalitarianism with their money and tech. Puiiiii

  6. 梁浩

    USA also let its company sell gun to its people,some people use these gun to shot student,is that right?why dont US gov do something about it

  7. altaimountain

    that China only deals governments is normal. and that China does business without meddling in internal affairs of other states is something to cheer for. no new info in the video just blablabla

  8. 清德賴

    What happens when US builds your country’s internet?
    Throughout Africa, countries are being connected to the digital economy for the first time, making the internet accessible where it once was not. In Zambia, communication, banking, and public services are all going digital.

    As in many African nations, this is all happening with the help of US. But US isn’t just spotting good investment opportunities; nor is it trying to win favors from smaller countries. It’s changing how we think about the internet.

    Quartz went to Zambia and found that the fact that US is building a country’s digital infrastructure doesn’t necessarily mean that the country wants the restricted, censored US model of the internet. But no matter what, it makes governments stronger, whether they are democratic, authoritarian, or something in between.

  9. Shawn Chen

    This is the typical western media report with bias.

  10. buster crab

    this shows that america is all do nothing assholes , only China helps countries !! .

  11. thesuperproify

    Chinese people :.. Breathes..

    Vice/Quartz/CNN/BBC/Fox : HoW ChINa PlAnS to MoNoPolisE OxyGen

  12. 王少

    if China dominate the world, the people in this planet will meet a great future ! So plz support China to become No.1 , if you want a better life.

  13. J Lin

    America only freely gives democracy to Africans instead of infrastructure

  14. Abhiraj Jana

    I mean red doesn't mean china you guys kept on showing an Indian telecom giant Airtel!

  15. EchoWhiskey

    Quartz just would like to see another type of internet, e.g., ….I just found out I can’t name any ones available here, oh wait, may be Quartz you can help to tear them down and build your own type of internet you want from scratch for them, then I will open a channel and interview some locals to hear what they have to say, they must be much much happier, I can’t wait to see that day.

  16. Jose Mathew

    Finally… After months of waiting….

  17. XerosXIII

    Is democracy really the way when you don't even have internet for porn?

  18. James Flores

    Wow censoring the internet is like watching Japanese p*rn.

  19. Alvin CA

    I do think let the local government has the internet sovereignty is a good idea. Or otherwise they will be interfered by the US politicians.

  20. Rohan Pradhan

    Similar thing is happening in nepal

  21. Mr. HeavyDebater

    This is a much better system than the bureaucracy mess of dealing with foreign sub-contractors that can hold the entire country and its government by the neck with whatever they chose to implement. This has happened several times already in Australia, where despite being a 1st world country we still have 3rd world internet.

  22. law aloysius

    Well ,,, maybe better,maybe worse

  23. Hana Fan

    1. No Signal, No Internet, no access to any website
    2. Signal Everywhere, can access almost every website on the internet except a few websites that banned by gov. (but you can still access it by using VPN)

    How do you choose?

  24. Reltpid

    Dictators met the control measures. You know what will happen next

  25. Sơn Võ

    This is a kind of the conquering country ! ! I come from Vietnamese, so i am scare of that !

  26. kky7972

    China got money it's making deals. You sign up then it's on you. No crying its big boy league

  27. Felixx Denolo

    China we are connecting the world to the internet.
    Elon Musk hold my beer

  28. lee ck

    So what has the west especially American elites contributed tangibly to the African countries???!!

  29. J M

    Just say no to China!

  30. Sơn Võ

    Why, How Zambians find it's easy to speaking english, it truck me most when i was watching this video

  31. peter kimani

    Quartz is too anti-China

  32. Ilya Dyachuk

    Nooo, don't put the responsibility on the local governments, put the responsibility on China… They've all been bribed after all…

  33. Mr. Kolohe

    CCP dba Huawei
    Welcome to the Authoritarian Club Zambia!

  34. Danish Joshi

    There were airtel billboards too ! . And airtel is an Indian company !

  35. Arkey


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