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  1. a Olivis_

    lifesum is so cool, thanks for your sharing.

  2. Adam Barton

    Honestly, I came here for here in the bikini
    What happened???

  3. Saadia Iqbal

    I love all your meals!! I am really curious to know who always films your videos? Especially when you are traveling. Does someone come with you everywhere?

  4. Ashley lynn

    I mean.. I guess if you dont have work or school eating like this everyday could be realistic…

  5. Irina Kovacevic

    Thank you so much for the video. There is one thing that I don't get . Did you make this pasta or could it be bought somewhere?

  6. Simeon Simeon

    the moment you generate clicks with the micro pic… thumbs down!

  7. Elena Piters

    Just had your smoothie bowl for breakfast. It was soo good!!

  8. Abby Bisaillon

    as an aspiring model, your videos motivate me so much! i hope you have an amazing weekend ❤️

  9. ruby jane

    how to deal with constipation guys ??? TT

  10. 17teacmrocks

    the thumbnail got me o.o
    i do often have mixed berries for breakfast and as smoothies

  11. andrea jimenez

    Someone please tell me where I can get that kind of pasta?!

  12. Madam Maiden

    Excited about the smoothie, I've been loving raw beet in with bananas and dark cocoa powder, peanut butter, almond milk. Definitely going to switch it up and try this way.

    I love how you put together things I wouldn't think about putting together. So creative! Delicious.

    I'm going to try making all three of these meals. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Tenille Ayotte

    I love your videos! May you please tell me what type of blender you are using in this video? Thanks!

  14. SD TT

    Классно, но я не наемся😄😄😄

  15. Eva Mara Cruz

    I'm DEFINITELY going to recreate the last recipe for dinner tonight! I really like your content here in YT Sanne. You look such a sweet person! Keep going! <3

  16. Lina Coy

    That salad looks delicious, I constantly make lentils and my kids loved it, but I never thought to do them that way, I love your tips and who you are 😘

  17. Vaida Ročytė

    You should do a video of your favorite pumpkin recipes, I would love to see that 🙂

  18. Theworthlessworm

    I just relized how unhealthy I am.

  19. N C

    Your recipes are absolutely beautiful x

  20. Lucia Fazikova

    Hi Sanne, I have tried your breakfast smoothie and it was the best smoothie I have ever drinked so far! I really like red beet in it, good idea for morning vitamin blast❤️ Looking fwd to your next cooking video 💃

  21. Double X

    It definitely worked.

  22. Zoe M

    Can anybody kindly tell me the song playing at 9:15. First heard it from Casey Neistat. I've been wanting it for years now😭😭😭. Help a girl out

  23. Wei-Joan Udden

    I absolutely love these videos! They are so healthy and inspiring and look easy to make. Thanks for sharing!!

  24. Kennya Tirado

    Would love to know what was that product you used to make the frothy milk for your latte 😋

  25. bronwyn smith

    I just made the vegan mushroom pasta and omg it tasted just like normal cream! one word, amazing!

  26. Georgia Curtis

    Do you allow yourself more calories on the days you exercise? Particularly cardio workouts? Also I love your videos so much!! XO

  27. Keeper of the Lights

    You are so beautiful! Because of you I started eating a lot healthier and have lost a lot of weight. I feel so good now. Thank you!

  28. Delaney Sinnen

    Sanne! I love your videos so much and your “What I Eat In A Day” videos been a huge inspiration in my daily cooking. Any chance you would ever do a grocery haul? I feel like you always have so many good ingredients on hand and am curious as to what a typical week of groceries looks like for you!

  29. annika schilling

    ohhh i use lifesum too😍

  30. Sara Streapy

    What’s the dressing recipe?

  31. Yvette Dean

    The pumpkin salad looks so delicious, I’m going to make it, thank you.

  32. Romina Capaste Biderst.


  33. Barbara Jendryczko

    Everything looks fabulous 😋😋😋need to try it

  34. Em's W

    been following your video for whole month<3333
    so happy I had found your channel,did try some of your recipe~I have lost 4kg
    love your idea and creative,always can give me some really nice feedback Thank You❤️

  35. Cindy Russi

    My fav type of videos from you🙏🏼
    I love how you say the word “vegetable”❤️So cute✨

  36. fiona beautyy

    Your videos always motivate me so much and I can see how much effort you put into them! Have a nice day, love! ❤️

  37. laiart

    heyy can you do more workouts routines?

  38. Jean Luc Blanche

    Because of you I love Oatly!

  39. Jean Luc Blanche

    Thank you for sharing this Sanne!

  40. Liz Torres

    Awsome meals. YUM

  41. ash kehoe

    Love your hair, makeup, outfit and total Vibe🌺🌵🌞And I would love to hang with you and eat yummy food. You inspire me to be better

  42. Guddy Taki

    I would definitely try pumpkin salad for sure in winter…😍

  43. Poon Iris

    How does this taste ?

  44. Barbara Terracciano

    You have lost more weight you are beautiful and I love you
    Thanks for the video.😘🎸

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