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  1. Tova Brink

    All this looks so yummy 🙂

  2. Celia Malene

    This breakfast smoothie recipe is SO original! And perfect mixture of fat and greens, I totally want to try that one. Thank you for the inspiration Sanne!

  3. an. lai.

    How much kcal is it together??? Please answer

  4. Elizabeth Goodman

    you'll be missed in NYC, Sanne… <3

  5. Sofia Isabella Flores

    I discovered your channel this year, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

  6. cindy yi

    I’m gonna to frozen my broccoli right now 😄

  7. Rania Abdallah

    What is tufo

  8. Lucile

    This is not what I call getting healthy but yeah why not, if you like living it, don’t starve yourself and not become underweight…

  9. Karina Nana

    Anybody knows what brand of mixer she use?

  10. Gao Lu Jie

    Same, please share the idea that how to keep your teeth so white, even you drink the coffee…

  11. Ava Khan

    This must be such an exhausting lifestyle, I respect you.

  12. koala bärchen

    I'd love to get some inspiration for alternatives for Avocado. I really like them but theyre really bad for the environment. 😓

  13. JEN NOW

    I love that Oatley milk very nice! I am going to be much more healthy this year physically and mentally. I have also started YouTube so hope that will help with me keeping up my wellbeing as all these have inspired me! Thanks for sharing Sanne !

  14. Zuzia Afrykanska

    Ful fat coconut milk dear 😍😍😍

  15. Michele where

    My fat ass eating pizza while watching this

  16. james vanhalen

    You need a big juicy steak , your arms look starved because your body is consuming muscle

  17. Mirt Clara

    you really make me want to be a better person and take care of myself. thank u for being such a positive guide🙏🏻☀️

  18. Ariel Aganon

    A v o c a d o s

  19. Aylin Senturk

    How are you not peeing every 10 seconds which SO much liquids in the morning?

  20. zonish ch

    I really like your video.
    You are a big inspiration for me

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