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  1. Eve Lyn

    I though this shit was general knowledge lol

  2. Matthew Cao

    its hard to believe that a documentary could be made with little to no research at all

  3. Audrey Dunham

    (Must hear)


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  4. Matt S

    Who here was thinking about Alexandria “Cow Farts” Cortez?

  5. Dettol

    I watched it

    Made me hungry for steak

  6. Arthur

    Important to keep in mind that there is a lot of research out there, and you can pretty much find a scientific article to back any health claim you want to make. Its called "cherry picking" and there is lots of that going on in this movie. With smart study design and good statistical analysis you can pretty much 'prove' any health claim. Health and behavioural sciences are very different to robust sciences like physics, chemistry or maths. In time, articles will start coming out inking strict vegan diets to stress related cancer – and that doesnt mean that will be true – but it will most certainly sell a few books.

  7. Nel Miller

    Watching this made me realize how fake the world I live in is .. ): I want to become a vegan 🌱 for life

  8. Alex Chan

    This is so false! There is nothing wrong with eating meat if eaten responsibly. How can these people get away with making claims like eating an egg is equivalent to smoking five cigarettes??? Any scientific information presented in this documentary is taken out of context or cherry-picked out of a plethora of resources to support the false narrative that veganism is the cure to all diseases. It's just simply not true and irresponsible to make such false and harmful claims

  9. Amy Jd

    Whats with the vegan comments is it supposed to make you go vegan? I want to watch it to be healthy and maybe a vegetarian but I don’t think vegan is my aim (no judgement though I’m not knowledgeable about both to even give an a proper opinion)




    Seriously?!? Could the music be any more dramatic….

  12. Lindy T

    I used to avoid the inner aisles of the supermarket with all the GMO packaged foods, now I even avoid the meat and poultry at the back of the supermarkets. This was a wake up call!

  13. Scarlet

    This movie made me turn vegan no joke.

  14. micheal De Santa

    What if these episode is sponsored by vegan company

  15. Street boxing UK

    Thank you, DiCaprio and team. This is an immense and brave piece alongside cowspiracy and before the flood. You've brought me back to the fight.

  16. Nenamyway

    I'm reading the comments and I'm confused. I don't know what to believe..Meat is bad, fruits and Vegs are bad..WHAT THE HEALTH ARE WE SUPPOSED TO EAT???

  17. Jesse Campbell

    I just watched this documentary, but I'm a little confused about what I'm hearing. It seems to be promoting a strict plant diet and demonizing anything to do with animal products. However, it is a fact that the longest living humans eat some animal products at least every few days.

  18. Chicken Master

    1 word FAKE

  19. masa ccp


  20. Angel Cadena

    Notice how he said we're done after the interviewer mentioned Europeans 🤔.

  21. Josh McDonnell

    A movie with as many lies as truths

  22. Michael Bernardo

    This documentary pushed me a step closer to being completely vegan.

  23. Ben Llama

    All you vegan niggas some fucking lames LMAOOOOOO

  24. neenaninotschka

    Can't hear a word of what they're saying because the music is so loud… Unfortunately the best message can get lost in careless filmmaking….

  25. Rodrigo Digone / BALI SURF CONNECTION


  26. godstomper

    Joaquin is right. Sugar is cancerous.
    Go vegan.

  27. FrappMocha

    Saw this movie 3 months ago. My sister insisted I watch this. And I'm glad she did insist because I turned a complete 180 on my eating habits. Eversince, I stopped eating Beef/Pork/Chicken and just concentrated on Veggies, rice, and seafood.


    Cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood sugar all went positive (news) on my last doctors appointment.

    Oh btw, I lost 20lbs without stepping a single foot to the gym.

  28. Jana 241

    Ok I need help! I wanna go vegan simply for my health and not for weight loss. I'm 16 and I was very skinny my whole life. I gained weight around 2 years ago and now I think I'm around the right weight. I'm scared I'm gonna get really skinny again if I go vegan. Any advice or expirience?

  29. Totenkopf Grgdfhb

    i would better die than stop the meat

  30. mademoiselle chantelle

    I’m not understanding why everyone is getting angry at everyone else for eating meat? Keep on keeping on. This has been the biggest fearmongering propaganda documentary to date. Let’s interview a secretary, yell at her, and then spin this to our advantage. Cmon man, grow up. If anyone doesn’t see how awfully biased this is, it’s a joke. Remember how Kony 2012 ended up? PS IF THE “GOVERNMENT IS KILLING YOU” they will find more effective ways to do it. Chem trails, poisoning the water, infecting your food. ✋🙄 find something else to have conspiracy theories about.

  31. A Wilson

    Another dreadful documentary that ends up prescribing a diet plan that will be unmanageable for 99% of people. I have many engineers from India that work for me. That are 100% vegetarian as well as their parents. Their parents apparently live about the same length as Americans. My grandmother grew up on a farm with 11 other siblings. They ate dairy and meat products all the time. The all lived to 90+ years and many were farmers as well. My late wife was a near vegan her entire life and a triathelete. She developed cancer at the age of 45 and died from it at 50. I think the key here is normal to slightly underweight, reasonable diet and plenty of exercise. And yes, family history is extremely important. If your father a had heart attack at 45, you need a calcium scan at 45 regardless of diet and exercise. Why not come up with a diet that people can follow their entire life. I took a fitness class in college and my professor repeatedly said that the best exercise is one you'll do everyday… whatever it is. As a computer scientist, I look for solutions that adhere 100% to the hypothesis. These physicians cannot provide this kind of model. There is always a very high number of exceptions.

  32. Saroo 251

    Almost all the comments are saying that this movie is “fake” and the thing is how do you fucking know that it is fake?? I mean they are just trying to open peoples eyes but people are way too blind. And I think eating vegan is good for all of us (humans and animals). I live with a non-vegetarian non-vegan family but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be vegan or vegetarian! You make your own decisions and decisions comes with consequences!

  33. SICMADE7

    I watched it at the end of December 2017 and on January 01, 2018 I went Vegan. I've lost over 140 lbs and I'm in the best shape of my life. I eat burgers, sausages, cheese, ground, pulled, strips, and everything else I used to eat but ALL plant-based! I don't miss a single thing. Thank you to the rise of Veganism. The new era is now.

  34. Maria Thalian

    I'm scared to watch this because everyone is going vegan and I'm happy with a burger

  35. Sarah Murdock

    I don’t like how this movie groups all meat together. YES processed food is bad. Cured meat is bad, caged Chicken eggs are bad, grain fed beef is bad etc BUT uncured meat, free range eggs, grass fed beef is better for you. They don’t talk about this at all. Seems like they have a motive and aren’t really interested in educating people about health.

  36. Serban Marius

    in 1000 years when 99 % will be vegans this video will be about how sick are vegans

  37. Coper Rupcroft

    Wait what about Australia we’re many farms are family owned and local

  38. Beatryxa7


  39. Ella smith

    I told my class to watch this we now have 3 vegans in our class and 1 vegetarian and our cooking teacher dosent know what to cook with us lmaooo

  40. A Jay

    I just came here to say how impressive this documentary was its unlike all others because they use evidence (peer reviewed researches etc) to support their arguement. It is not some PETA or conspiracy theory shit, they simply state the facts and both sides/debunking myths and expose the truth through more facts.

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