What is rotary die cutting?

To understand whether it is beneficial to invest in rotary molds and die-cutting machines at your business location, it is important to thoroughly understand what it is. While we may not be able to cover every aspect of the rotary die-cutting process, our overview should provide a sufficient basis for further exploration.

Especially before we send it to the rotating mold, it is important to determine the "mold".

Dead definition

The general definition of the mold you will get on the Internet is "cutting or forming metal into a specific shape." However, metal is not the only material that can be cut through a mold. Additional materials may include foil, fabric, rubber, paper, plastic, tape/label, foam, cardboard and other materials. The mold is a sharp, specially designed blade that is attached to a sturdy backing that is pressed against the material of your choice and cut into designs for product packaging, labels, tickets or various other items. Think of a one-size-fits-all, but not delicious or edible. Die cutting is a manufacturing process used to produce a large number of identical shapes, sometimes with a variety of shapes, which are ultimately combined for use in the finished product.

Rotating the "rotation" in the mold

Now that we know what the mold is, we can continue to use the rotating mold. The word "rotation" means rotating around a center. As the name implies, the rotating mold is a cylindrical mold. It is not pressed against the material by vertical motion, but is rolled onto the material fed through the machine. A rotary die cutter involves a heavy duty cylindrical anvil with a custom mold that rolls onto a flat surface containing complementary mold features. The material you choose is fed through the machine and cut into the desired shape by rolling the mold, hehe! The finished shape is deposited at one point and the waste is deposited in another point.

Rotary die cutting is ideal for high volume projects due to fast turnaround times and small amounts of waste. It can be used to create a variety of products such as commercial envelopes, punch tickets, cardboard boxes, and even labels. Rotary die cutting is probably the most efficient manufacturing method if your business requires product packaging or other high-volume materials.

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