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  1. Mike W

    This is consistent with the WuDang Taiji that I teach.

  2. Rainbow Daoist

    And here I was thinking that you and yang related to the sunny and shady side of a mountain. Haven't heard the sun and moon analogy before

  3. Indi Fernandez

    He is not giving any religious dogma, he is trying to point us back to what we are. Buddism is not really a religion either, no diety, no threats, quiet, kindness, wisdom. They are all great models is used with open heart.

  4. Indi Fernandez

    I mainly do Bhuddism but i reaaly enjoy this ty.

  5. Alex Brown

    ahhh. the tao te ching isn't a religious book. it is a philosophy book. taoism was a philosophy before it later became a guild to a religion.

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