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  1. The McGuffin

    Hey Ash, found it… https://youtu.be/e4qPAZG6nmk

  2. Kathryn Ashworth

    Sonne-Rammstein. It’s directed by David Lynch (and Till Lindeman and I share a birthday).

  3. George ThomasS

    Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters, hands down one of the best out there

  4. Chris Evans

    Apex twin windowlicker amazing tune with absolutely mental video by Chris Cumminghams.

  5. Alfie Sandom

    I’m confident that this is cheating but Shiro’s Story (Pt 1,2&3)

  6. dav ep

    Disturbed: Land of Confusion (plus the original)
    Rammstein: Keine Lust, Mein Land, Radio (beware: some torso naughty bits)
    Leo Moracchioli: White wedding, Sail, Blur Song2
    Peter Gabriel: Sledgehammer
    Yes: Yessongs (the whole movie 😉
    Swing version of The Final Countdown:

    Ok, there's way too many once you stray from the mainstream.

    And 100s more I've forgotten.
    (one guy said "favorite" so that's what I did, so there.)

  7. Andrew Foster

    Aphex twin – Windowlicker. It's a batshit crazy song with a video that is equally mental. But it's so amazing.

  8. Carnivius

    I'd go with Thriller but also some of Jackson's other videos (like Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Give In To Me and such), Innuendo by Queen and also go with A-ha's Take On Me. I also really like Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails, Hurt by Johnny Cash (after NIN), Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights and Running Up That Hill. Also have great fondess for Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen. Not a complex high concept video or anything it's just him on stage and eventually dancing with a young Courteney Cox but I loved the hell out of it and even did a version of it on stage at school when i was about 8 (i must have studied the video tape recording a hundred times over to try do The Boss proud). 😛 There's a whole bunch of others I could list but man I got things to do today. Like writing out a ton of eBay listings of stuff i gotta sell so i can afford to buy folk stuff for christmas. :O

  9. Karim Theilgaard

    For me it’s always been Nirvana’s Heart-Shaped-Box. I loved the art direction.

  10. Belphegor

    A recent favourite of mine is the music video for MGMT's When You Die. Congratulations and Flash Delirium by the same artists were really well made as well.

  11. Keegan Bews

    Thirty Seconds To Mars – From Yesterday, that video is just stunning

  12. BillyDaShwank

    I've always be fond of Keane's music video for Crystal Ball

  13. Michael Mooney

    Smack My Bitch Up. Because it has massive jugs in it.

  14. Denni Wintyr

    Metallica's first video, One

  15. Evan Kenney

    It's actually a knackered Ford in Sabatage, not a Chevy

  16. The Harlequin

    Primus – Wynona's big brown beaver. Funniest and weirdest Music video Ive ever seen. Watch it now, thank me later.

  17. Dean Mills PARABYSS

    Tell Ash I have a promo DVD of Fightstar’s first four music videos, which includes Waste A Moment with the demonic child entity

  18. Aaron Greenaway

    It’s gotta be Shelter by Porter Robinson & Madeon

  19. Terr Rawling

    Jay Gordon the dude from Orgy sings on the Points of Authority remix not Chester

  20. Brett Holcroft

    One by Metallica. Awesome music video.

  21. Allan Kerrigan

    Gett off – Prince

  22. Remained Unnamed

    Wolves in the throne room. This is the first time I've ever heard anyone mention that group.

  23. kgo40

    for me it's brother in arms by dire straits

  24. MEKA activated

    TOOL ÆNIMA no question for me

  25. The Headbanger Sugar

    Mine is One by Metallica

  26. Bry Black

    I know it may not count for some, but can we acknowledge Interstella 5555 by Daft Punk? That or even Technologic also by Daft Punk

  27. LTW Demon

    Little Motel – Modest Mouse is the best use of the backwards video format I've ever seen. Its a gut-wrenching story not fully realised until the last few shots. definitely worth watching at least once. its stuck with me for the last 10 years

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