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  1. Alex Singsathitsuk

    I eat it before and it taste very bitter. A lot of people believed it’s very healthy.

  2. 在美流浪人

    The term "umami" is a Japanese word which translates into "essence taste" or "original taste" of any particular food ingredient that you're using. It's not a 5th taste or flavor. When you're cooking a dish if you have successfully drawn out the essence in flavor of your main ingredient then it means you got its "umami". In Chinese cooking it's commonly referred to as 原汁原味

  3. Noya Kastro

    Haha this is so cool, I just found your channel randomly, iv never seen such a cool video about shenzhen, I'm Israelie and I moved to shekou 11 years ago, hope you enjoy the beauty of shenzhen

  4. Oliver Govrik

    Your left handed!!

  5. Daniel de Solano

    I highly recommend century eggs, they're very tasty

  6. Yue Sen

    MSG is the typical example of how umami tastes like. MSG is infact a natural substance existing in many food , like meat fish tomato , especially seafood

  7. 中德吃货Baozi与Mantou


  8. LycheeLam

    this lady's english is very very good! very like her accent!

  9. LycheeLam


  10. 包子吃人


  11. 杜建安

    welcome to Guangdong 广东湿

  12. Rongyao wang


  13. Greene

    Love your braided hair, super cute! Yes she's correct, they are fish stomach! Umami just means fresh taste!

  14. Shitstirrer

    Did you see the legendary balcony?

  15. Shitstirrer

    I see bittermelon in the thumbnail. It's a taste I haven't acquired from my parents

  16. Ben Louis

    The alkaline stuff is ammonia

  17. Ben Louis

    U never seen bitter melon or bitter gourd?!

  18. Bruce Willi Bruce

    Century eggs, if done well, is very delicious.

  19. Kong Kong

    cantonese food is too much like your sydney chinese food to be challenging. look forward to seeing you try the other "chinese food"

  20. Wasu Koysiripong

    Bitter gourds are also rampant in Australia. I'm wondering why you first saw them in China.

    Century eggs can be found in Australia, too.

  21. Charlie King

    Why do you like Shenzhen so much?! I believe SZ is the desert of food among Chinese cities. I cannot stand living in SZ for so long😷😷

  22. 喵同学

    3:30 大妈晒黑了

  23. t l

    Hey Amy, pick up a bag Of rice and a white dress, I'll go track down a pastor 😄

  24. Evan Yeung


  25. kong edward

    I'm live in NanBu County, Nanchong, Sichuan Province, China,It is at the northeast of Sichuan province.😝

  26. Stephanie Lue

    That green thing is also called Fuga. It's awful 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  27. kong edward

    Welcome to SiChuan😁For example,ChengDu、LiangShan、GanZi、ABa、MianYang、NanChong、LuZhou、YiBing,DaZhou…… Total 18 City and 3 Autonomous Prefecture, My English is not so good,so sorry,but I will continue to work hard.



  29. wang6314


  30. Alexis Griffay

    8:15 "I love cat butt" x)

  31. HRShelly

    Today, we're going to show you a totally surprising and unexpected Chinese YouTuber mashup

  32. Lin Jeremy

    I love this channel.🌹

  33. Weiqi Er

    by the way, blondie, the fish maw is good for your leg bone. ppl who run or walk alot, take is good, i think your friend not know more from this food. the knowledge is pass down from generation. also it not urban legends,

  34. Rick Chen

    those r bitter taste melons

  35. SOO Meng Nie

    guandong food

  36. Alvin Kuang

    Loved the umami animation you added those few times, so cute! As a fellow Cantonese Chinese American I'm so glad you got a taste of Cantonese flavors and enjoyed it!

  37. china cat

    Do you like China?

  38. Murph Wang

    Looks like 福田农批市场?

  39. zack yang808

    Damn! This video completely destroyed my confidence with my English. I have to keep looking up words from the dictionary while watching. 😂

  40. yanggang wang

    What's your oppion about Hongkong anti-democracy demonstration these days?

  41. 胡图图


  42. Edamame

    Btw, u may check out a vid on MSG by "
    My Name Is Andong":

  43. Edamame

    The market looks pretty clean. Btw, I'm a Chinese & I nvr knew that century egg is preserved with alkaline – I really thought that it's preserved with horse urine. Thank you Amy for another informative, fun & interesting vid! Looking forward to another new one 😉

  44. Taylor Swift

    Lol I love the edits, especially the umami part lol, had me dying

  45. Jin Zheng

    “凉瓜黄豆汤”、“腐乳炒薯叶”、“清蒸鱼”、“豉汁排骨”。They are all very traditional Cantonese family dishes. I miss them so much. Hard to imagine here in the U.S.

  46. David W.

    Organized Chaos, is what. 😉

  47. probowo sandi

    In Sarawak, Bornio, a kind fish maw delicacy cost 2000 USD when still raw… Meaning when fresh just cut out and sold.

  48. probowo sandi

    Bitter gourd, very nice vegetable.

  49. ThePunisher

    Blondie, I wish i am in China, otherwise I would invite you for my home town dishes. And my home town is in Da Peng which you already visited. We mainly have seafood and local veggies. Your friends are really nice!

  50. Macky1101

    So do people in Shenzhen speak Cantonese or Mandarin? Aren't they called bitter squash? And not gourd? Like Antony Bourdain said, the bad rap about MSG in the West is because the West hates the Chinese (Head Tax, Exclusion Act, and just plain racism towards the Chinese during the 1800s in every White country. Even Australia) and it was just plain racism of Chinese food and restaurants. All the while, lots of packaged food make by the Whites had also have MSG labelled on the packaging.

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