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  1. •The FacelessGirl•

    I've been hard as fuck on the boys but ladies you thiught you could get away? Nope.

  2. Isaiah Rodriguez

    3:14 song??

  3. Abomaboi

    8:39 That feeling when you finally realize that you're bi instead of gay

  4. EliasEv

    WE ALL IN A LIST NOW. lmao

  5. HypeQaun


  6. Bruce Dutton

    Please dont scream "THESE KIDS ARE SO YOUNG" my parents will hear

  7. alex

    paint brush headass gang rise up

  8. Cameron Skinner

    "What are u cheese? Cmon."

    I'm done, go fuck yourself you puffy ginger fuck.

  9. Cristina C

    I am confused by musically. The fact that he asked jeeves lol shows my age

  10. On Standby

    I am terrified for when my son becomes a tween!!!!

  11. FxsKi

    7:41 ahahhahahahahaha💀💀💀💀💀

  12. Keanu Linkers

    I made the exact same face at 9:22

  13. Sick Girl

    I honestly don’t want to live in this World anymore🥺

  14. coolhook87

    7:43 fk sake wubby, my mom in the room

  15. Tamic platenburg

    That's the price of peace…

  16. Jonah Simpson

    ok Griselda XD

  17. Jonah Simpson

    1:39 XDXD

  18. MRDR BlackZetsu


  19. DrILLIN

    what are you cheese

  20. PØPTØ __

    6:36 its 2019 and I AM LAUGHING MY ASS OFF holyshit that eye roll got me the most but like I live this channel

  21. Christopher Gagnon

    Why tf is that kid wearing a sports bra lmfao.

  22. Ryan Durbin

    Thank you Earlich, love you. Sorry about BachManity

  23. David Fortin

    @ 3:42 lmfao

  24. Gyro

    Can we kill the thots and fuckboys already?

    Please, please

    This is nasty…


  25. Tazx Soph

    Fucking paint brush lookin ass

  26. Talking Thunder

    Yup we all on a list now.

  27. subscribe to bubbly beach

    I'm a…ahh….female

    This shi gross little 9 year olds

  28. Afterlife Action

    When theyre to broke to buy just normal short t-shirts

  29. Katty Mendes

    Daddy wubby you still didnt watch the old people in tick tock believe me you wont regret it daddy

  30. K

    Where the fuck did you get such a giant fuckin ice cube!?

  31. Zachary

    Wubby you a perfect ten.

  32. AvocadoToast T_T

    Bro, I didn't have headphones on and my volume was up all the way when that moaning part came on. Fml…

  33. lit- 420

    He said I jerk off with the lights off I don't want to look at that shit it's gay

  34. Caitlin Jane

    8:068:09 lmaoooo

  35. KitKatHD

    Anyone who finished this entire video should be put on an FBI watch list. I don't mean this as a disrespect to Paymoneywubby, its that the videos he criticizes in this video is content that nobody should ever enjoy watching. He's great as always. I just thought if I sorted by most popular I'd find his funniest content, but instead I found a video boosted by pedo's or something.

  36. cheesecake101

    Who else clicked off the first time when he said playing with his ****? 😐

  37. It’s Clio

    Is that Archie from riverdale

  38. Anna Nejjar


  39. Bacon Sizzle

    Random YouTube girl: his voice melts me
    Me: it's fucking autotune, flanger, and probably a bit of granulation.

  40. kill me

    These videos make me wanna workout so I can beat some kids since their parents wont

  41. Aurora Bliss

    "that's like what homeless people do to scare you" im dead

  42. Old Favorite

    11:20 best Musical.ly video ever hahahaha

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