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  1. blake avila

    Anything commercially produced

  2. 지훈

    Someone needs to say something about the Eminem reference at 1:55

  3. Something_to_appease_Google

    I find it incredibly amusing people here crave all this bullshit food. Granola bars, juices, smoothies, low fat shit, etc. Fuck, eat 2 lbs of fatty steak and you just will not be able to eat any more. Super satiating. Cook it as rare as possible or eat it raw to get the b vitamins and it’s damn near nutritionally complete. Eat it with some raw butter and feel the wonders of the lubrication butter provides and ketosis plus all the b vitamins working their magic. So much fucking energy and your joints have no inflammation and feel like they were oiled.

  4. Sanchez King

    Getting up early.

  5. Lucas Starseed

    Any form of grains. Not actually healthy and totally not needed by the human body

  6. EREX98

    1:20 this is true but not at the same time at least from my experience I used to have pretty bad allergies and I did one of those liver cleanses and they went away mostly I don’t know how it works or if it’s toxins but it worked and now I can go outside in the spring without itchy eyes and a runny nose

  7. Yuna

    11:48 That’s me. I’m the naive 18-year-old who’s been shielded from the real world. My dad hates it if I watch a TV-14 show. I wasn’t allowed to go to my township’s Fourth of July event that’s a ten minute walk away from my home by myself until I was in 11th grade. I’m gonna be 18 this month. I hope I don’t get screwed too badly once I enter the real world.

  8. Sunny Deise

    For everyone watching this, do your own research. There are a lot of incorrect assumptions in this. For example, the reason the one who didn't feel as bad drinking soda is because they add a type of acid (citric I think) in order for the consumer to not feel nauseous while drinking down grams on grams of sugar and HFCS.

  9. Jennifer C

    Orange Juice. You’re pretty much just drinking orange colored liquid sugar.

  10. Xenia Lafleur

    Bright & Early. It's fake orange juice.

  11. Yellow Cyan

    Yeah people think granola is super healthy but actually it's ridiculously unhealthy. You're better off with muesli.


    I got an ad about removing anxiety but it’s giving me anxiety that the blade is going to miss

  13. Thog

    Also stop fucking starving yourselves. That’s a guaranteed failed diet plan.
    A good diet that can help you lose your weight is a nutrition plan that you can sustain for a long time.
    If you are suffering short term, you will fail.
    Plus these are immense strains to your liver, when your body doesn’t consume enough glucose your liver has to release high amounts of adrenaline to compensate and your adrenal glands become overly taxed in the long run and you can cause permanent damage to your liver.
    1 tip as a trainer I always gave to anyone trying to lose weight is, eat ONLY WHOLE FOODS and you should eat enough that you slowly lose weight but don’t even feel like you’re dieting AT ALL IN THE ABSOLUTE LEAST.

  14. Thog

    Guys don’t be fooled just because something is “high sugar” does NOT necessarily mean unhealthy. Your body NEEDS glucose your brain runs on it, as does your liver and your muscles.
    Sugar from sources like fruit and whole foods is processed so much differently than refined sugars in sodas. Yes if you just wanna look at labels, sugar content is high in fruit smoothies but the blended fiber, along with the already low glycemic index of the fruits make it extremely slow absorbing to a point it’s almost impossible to become fat unless you put in actual effort to consume vast amounts of it.
    Sugar is not bad. That depends on TYPE of sugar and it’s SOURCE.
    Nearly all fruits have a low to medium glycemic index meaning they won’t give the massive insulin spike post consumption as processed refined sugar would.

  15. Teenage King's

    1:54 😂😂😂
    That's The first time I've seen someone Do That….
    Slim shady

  16. Name

    Milk. This isnt even a vegan thing, I just dont understand how people think mother milk that's meant for a giant CALF to grow into a giant COW as fast as possible, with god knows how many hormones running through it, and most of the world's population being unable to digest it and/or getting pimples from it, is healthy. Why should we be the only species to drink milk after infancy?

  17. Life’s Tough

    Skipping a meal or two to get skinnier. School food. Staying in a toxic relationship for the kids

  18. David Shultz

    Yogurt is not health food.

  19. llva

    Thinking fruit sugar is bad. It's not bad if you eat it in moderation. The sugar from a candy bar and from an orange are different

  20. Isabeau Taggart

    Gluten-free food. Let me tell you, I have to watch my weight anyway and then I figured out I have a gluten allergy. Where once I could eat two slices of whole wheat bread for my sandwiches, one slice of gluten-free bread is twice the carbs as those two—and on top of it, it all has the density of a sponge. It’s gross, it’s not healthier for you, and it’s more expensive than the wheat stuff. Eat that wheat and enjoy it, because I can’t!

  21. Soveliss Firemane

    I go to a gym that has a cafe downstairs and they make their own smoothies. The juices they use in the smoothies come from local orchards and whatnot (fresh squeezed) and the smoothies are designed to be used as either a meal replacement, pre-workout snack or both depending on the smoothie.

  22. TheTrueGamer66

    I have a reverse. Carbs. Carbohydrates are actually important for the body. It's literally one of our main sources for glucose.

  23. leah rose

    fig newtons. made with plenty of both added and natural sugar, and partially hydrogenated oil. just read the ingredients. not health food.

  24. aciid _cola

    Vitamin water made an ad basically saying that you could just drink it it instead of a flu shot yet they’re still claiming it’s not marketed as a health drink

  25. Vio

    Going outside gives you cancer.

  26. Vio

    All the food is poison.

  27. MadameSomnambule

    You're better off making your own smoothies. I once made a green smoothie with celery, cucumber, and probs pear or some other fruit to sweeten it, and it was awesome. Homemade smoothies ftw.

  28. AshtonMcFly

    Something that is healthy that everyone thinks isn’t is weed 🙂

  29. Jessica Williams

    As my physiological science professor said: If you want to get nutrients, just get it straight from the natural source – fruits and vegetables. Smoothies still have a bunch of sugar, and taking pills isn’t the natural way to do it (you can take pills if your doctor recommends it, just don’t eat pills all day for no reason).

  30. Sean Gilmore

    Only cleanse I'll swear by is a gallbladder/liver one that's more for helping shrink gallstones and help them pass through your system. Shit works, I was in so much pain and didn't want to pay for a surgery

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