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  1. Kate Flowers

    But seriously, get the bundle while you can 😂 http://bit.ly/katebundle
    If you’re unsure all you have to do is scroll through the comments and read the ones from people who have gotten it 😍 Its truly an insane deal 🌱 learn more at http://bit.ly/katebundle

    If you want to share this with your friends or followers please use my bitly link, it’s the only way I get a kickback from contributing my books ☺️ you can also share my Instagram post @thekateflowers to spread the amazing-ness to others and promote vegan and plant-based living!

  2. Bêllā The Bêāuty

    @kateflowers Those recipes look bomb dot com 🔥 but be sure and save the rest of that Shepard's pie for me I'm a corner piece kinda gurl!

  3. Bethany Greenwood

    Oh my gosh!! I am loving how much you clearly enjoyed making this video. Cannot wait to see what you bring in 2020😘

  4. Tessa Bohn

    Maybe I am dumb but what are the insta usernames of the three people she referenced in the video? I would looooove to follow them! ♥️

  5. Andrea B

    Yayy bundle!!! So excited to get to downloading it all to dig into and enjoy! Thank you for being a wonderful human 🥰

  6. CottonCandi76

    I wish you would have a sale code for a better price on your printed books for those who bought the digital copies.

  7. The Fun Tribe

    That is a great deal. I was surprised on how great the price is. $50 for all that it sounds like a steal

  8. Taylor Knapp

    Okay I’m gonna have to get this ebook. I neeeed to incorporate more plant based meals into my life!!

  9. Alicia V

    Thank you so much for the bundle!!!! It's a beautiful thing that you were able to collaborate with others to present this at this price. Vegan 2020

  10. Taylor Knapp

    Happy new year Kate! You’re glowing as usual ❤️❤️

  11. Ashley

    If anyone here can help, I'm really struggling with my nutrition lately.

  12. Winston Trim

    Compliments of season not possibly anxiously awaiting your singing video

  13. Heather Stewart

    Been stuck in such a food rut lately on the fence about the bundle until I saw their was books on babies and toddlers and I immediately bought it so glad I can get ideas for my whole family.

  14. Kelsey Keeling

    Y’all are precious!!! You got so excited when he got home “baby!!!!” My heart😭❤️

  15. Littlelalz

    Thanks for mentioning that there are options for us gluten-free folks! Got my bundle :).

  16. Just Coconut

    Is the deadline before Monday :(? I really plan on getting it Monday!

  17. lori loves lettuce

    Great video!! 🌱❤️💪

  18. Strangely Us

    I want to get this on My kindle
    … is there a link I can use for that?

  19. J Holder

    Soooo excited for this bundle!!! Immediately purchased. What an unbelievable deal 💖. I purchased your ebooks a long time ago, but am really looking forward to seeing all this bundle has to offer. Love the happiness and peace you exude in this video. Really helps to reset your own thoughts.

  20. Summer ///

    I’ve just started being vegan ❤️❤️

  21. Cardinal Copia's Love Slave

    "Healthy vegan food" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 NO such thing.

  22. Ashley Rodriguez

    I honestly wish you could be my therapist

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