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  1. RealLifeLore

    If this all really freaks you out, then don't forget to listen to 1984 for free for more dystopian awulfness at https://audible.com/reallifelore

  2. Teddy zhang

    I can't believe people actually made a video about this fake news…ask any Chinese from the mainland, they will either be confused or donno about this credit system at all !! As a Chinese, I suppose the so-called social credit system is "sesame score"? this is a score backed by ALIBABA, and it helps you to get a loan sometimes, it has none whatsoever significance about government spying on its citizens, people actually liked it because higher score helps you get a loan easily from ALIBABA, and that's the full story. Sign, guys, before you refer to the black mirror, why don't you go out and ask any mainland Chinese about the truth before the sarcastic comments? Thanks

  3. Alex Mason

    Hey, remember Tiananmen Square- June 4th 1989 when nothing bad happened

    + 5 0 0

  4. Osamon VA

    So the government that puts their Muslim minority in surveillance camps gets to decide what is moral and what isn't? Lit.

  5. refusist

    give them one generation of educated workers and a revolution will happen. No one will accept this tyranny.China is one place where the wworking class have real power. Fight the power

  6. Arthur Smyth

    The largest country in the world

  7. Chris Midis

    Things that lower your score: anti government social media posts. Protesting the government, and not visiting your parents

  8. Tomáš Vaněk

    It's time for a revolution. This is disgusting.

  9. 1996 Toyota Camry LE 4-Speed Automatic 2.2L

    Imagine accidentally staying up an hour late playing video games and getting banned from leaving the country easily, as well as having your face plastered on a digital billboard for people to shame you

  10. Mr Zenox

    What's the name of the soundtrack you are

  11. Nothing

    Surreal as this is, it will be interesting to see the outcome. Or at least aspects of the outcome the PRC will let the rest of the world see.

  12. Acero Woodberry

    I assume politicians and the rich will keep a good score no matter what

  13. Don’t Read This

    You can tell this guy really cares about his fans because he got so close to ten minutes and didn’t go that extra 3 seconds to get more money👏👏👏👏

  14. Graham X

    The black mirror episode about this is actually LESS dystopian than what China may end up implementing. And imagine how bad it could be in another decade or two. As someone that doesn't use social media for privacy reasons, this is basically my worst nightmare.

  15. Trevor Gibson

    As bad as this country can be, it is nice to know that a system like this would never be in the U.S.A

  16. Noob dude

    "peepee poopoo"

    Your social credit score is now -10

  17. xiangzhi wang

    the channel calls real life. but it doesn't tell the real thing and explain well

  18. Joe Shaughnessy

    theres literally an entire episode of black mirror on this and why this is a bad idea

  19. NorthLakeEddy

    Sounds like psycho pass the anime

  20. Talis Dorman.

    This system is for the people's safety too.

  21. Shane F

    Imagine if your estranged parent was in charge of your credit. F that.

  22. Alcaeus89

    Omg public shaming sounds like so much fun! I would love to be publicly shamed. That would be hilarious. "HEY LOOK AT THIS ASSHOLE WHO DIDN'T WASH HIS HANDS AFTER PEEING!"

  23. lili -chan

    Communist China doing anything they can to control people and that there system doesn’t come crushing down.

  24. Raphael Cabral

    What a shit place to live in…It’s hard to complain about my country when stuff like this is happening in China

  25. DEmersonJMFM

    Just more government control.

  26. Bad boy cop 2002

    Civil war pls🙏🏾

  27. naruto

    All I like is the online cheating rule on this

  28. Umbra

    Coming to a state near you.

    Mark my words

  29. 番茄tomato

    world should be full of wars, only the talented killers can survive, and everyone will be free

  30. sergio teixeira

    WTF !!!!

  31. LobsterRoast

    is nobody gonna mention how he called China ''The largest country in the world'' by accident

  32. Pascal Jaeger

    Its going to be so hilarious when they try to force that system on the chaotic Chinese 😀
    I am sure they will find a way to ridicule this whole thing. Maybe donating their entire salary to a fake charity which giving the money back to themselves or something like that.
    This whole country is such a big and lovely mess, it’s no wonder the government is trying to force a little discipline into people. 😀

    And besides that, social score for companies is a thing we should take a close look at. If that works well in China, it’s maybe worth copying

  33. Unofficial Les Twins

    Black Mirror is really predicting the future

  34. Pascal Jaeger

    The Chinese version of tik tok is basically tik tok. Everyone uses this stupid app there.
    The logo of the app you claim to be the Chinese version of tik tok is taobao btw. The Chinese eBay so to speak

  35. Curtis Harvey

    Talk about influencing the masses

  36. wildfood

    Watching this video lowered your social score…

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