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  1. Donnie Darko

    Who came back here after her return doing these???

  2. T. Oneal

    Nicki Minaj remix and lorde hell yea

  3. Ali Mansoor

    Here after she came back 🥶

  4. Punti__

    Who came here after watching the new video of her? 😀

  5. Taimoor Khan

    I’m here again after watching her recent musical impressions video 😂

  6. Aridayamendesarmy

    Who else is watching after the 2019 version

  7. Tjino Tjipura

    U go J

  8. Noelle Vlogs

    Her lorde impression was amazing

  9. Sahin Emrah

    Stop being fake for a sec for gid sake.

  10. Dupree Blosch

    Her and Ariana are the Queens of impressions

  11. Agustín Aires

    Who is here after the rematch??

  12. Rob B.

    I skip Jimmy's parts

  13. Nemo Dong

    Who's still here at 2019!! LOL

  14. hi we

    jimmy is suck a fucken tool

  15. Tiara Potini

    I thought she was camila..

  16. Jeramie T

    Damn she is good at this

  17. TurtleTitan4Evah

    Just watched her newest one in 2019. She killed it again!! This one will always be one of my favorites ❤

  18. Sonit Gorla

    Axl rose , an actual rock singer for the first time !

  19. Anita Horvereid

    Jimmys sting impersonation omfg 😂😂😂😂

  20. Leighade Marie Mendes

    Omgggg all the memories!!!! Lol all those people who disliked are jealous of their singing

  21. FromArmania

    Her Lorde impression took me surprise.
    She’s so talented!

  22. Alexie Ortiz

    *That Lorde Impression Was Absolute Godly*.

  23. Ryan Allen

    She sounded more like Lorde than Lorde does.

  24. whiteflag

    Not rehersed at all

  25. Maria Hill

    Omg I loved her ever since scars to your beautiful

  26. Jason Baker

    She makes Nicki Minaj sound like she said plastic surgery on her voice!

  27. Jessenia Beras

    The nicki Minaj impression thoughhhhhhh 🙌🏼

  28. Abigail Lorden

    Jimmys Axl Rose impression was spot on 😩

  29. Anonymous Guy

    i skip jimmys part

  30. merrissa henry

    That Nicki impression was bomb .😍😍😍

  31. eMarie Ro

    Why so many racist tunes?!?! Cmon Jimmy! Do your music history research. I’m a music teacher and nobody teaches baa baa black sheep or eeny meeny. Look it up, please sir. Jim Crow song

  32. noedits

    for the lorde impression the beat went hard

  33. Eva The diva

    She did an amazing Nicki Minaj voice

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