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  1. Robert Pate

    Don't like that he left wheeler, and the show will suffer for it! He was the backbone that held the show together! Oh and nice couch!

  2. greg coleman

    oh its a pizza pan , i don't know . i think that should be something else. why a pizza pan ? what does that have to do with a couch? maybe a clock or a dog bone

  3. greg coleman

    that steering wheel looks like a frying pan

  4. RawShooter

    Pure legend like, love his intelligence on car mechanics, just a really clever mechanic/engineer

  5. Vintage e Independente

    China is the best!

  6. Upstate SC Dashcam


  7. RaSTaMAN FR

    He is legen…wait for it..DARY!

  8. Sam F

    I want a go! 🙁

  9. Supraaero2JZ

    Edd is the best!

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