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  1. DxsPro

    Full video: https://youtu.be/WSKYWu-S2G0

  2. Pointless Comment

    He seems like he got rich by claiming other peoples work

  3. Solomon Shahzad


  4. Dickhead Records

    why dumb man has money

  5. William Darmawan

    Billionaires got this type of jokes no one could understand

  6. Deficere X

    Please let Mr Ma speak in Mandarin xP

  7. William Darmawan

    Fyi Elon is jetlagged here so yeah

  8. Filip Bjurling

    We can make machines that are stronger than us, faster, more agile, and do on. Why couldn't we make a machine that's smarter than us?

  9. byunbaeks

    his english is obviosuly not the best and that's why he seems to come off as an idiot to some of u just because expressing ur own views in a language u don't control in is hard. he also didn't seem to understand most of elon's questions and comebacks.

  10. Tijaaro

    If you just listens to what he is saying carefully then you will know what Jack Ma is saying is 100% true . He’s just saying it in an awkward way. 0.001% will only understand .

  11. jarry plundermen

    no ones laughing and i hate it

  12. Addicted2OILau

    Dumb Chinese guy 😂. Embarrassing

  13. IkaQartveli

    This conversation was the epitome of the quote: “Goals so big, you get uncomfortable telling small minded people.” (not saying Jack Ma isn’t a genius in his own way but he could learn a thing or two).

  14. Deeench 91

    Retards are rampant retards are everywhere

  15. Tapt-Wl Yt


  16. thepro08

    he is not a idiot he is just a front , a spokesman for the china gov , of course any big company in china is controlled by the gov, just like in USA….

  17. twocsies

    What type of stimulants does Elon take? If I was prescribing for him, I would reduce the dosage.

  18. Madfrazzer


  19. Joseph Norris

    At least Musk gets the privilege of speaking his own language..

  20. enrique reyes

    It’s like watching Michael Scott and Jim Harper but rich.

  21. enrique reyes

    It’s like watching Michael Scott and Jim Harper but rich.

  22. Goshujin

    99.99% wrong
    0.00% correct

  23. Кристиан Тошев

    Typical Chinese.

  24. The WREDFOX

    I see what point the Asian sugar daddy is trying to make but he is speaking more philosophically which has everyone including Elon the fleshy covered C3-P0 having to ponder on and realise that no factual information is available. His expressions crack me up! 😂


    "there will be more tools that human can create that will be more clever than computers"

    Elon: processing information uh wat

  26. ManuelSolanoCastro

    That is so awkward!! That I cannot stop laughing.

  27. Zeack 。。。

    Chinese tech companies are
    the best but china's richest man is an idiot
    Donno why 🤔

  28. Hotdog Vission

    Jack Ma- it's the heart who created wisdom
    musk- Naniiii!!!!!!!!?

  29. ManuelSolanoCastro


  30. ali royfan


  31. Eqwer Qeer

    "My view"

  32. Drizzle

    Ok this was kinda ankward and you can see it in Elon's body movements 😂.

  33. Zeack 。。。

    Elon Musk is the real life Tony Stark

  34. Pir_8 _

    I think he's just rich because he's to stupid to spend money

  35. Ben Fletcher

    How did this dude even get rich?! Elon looked so annoyed with that guy’s shit 😂

  36. Devils Hideout


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